Window Tint Z is fast becoming a leading specialist when it comes to paint protection and window tint for Tesla vehicles, with window tint for Tesla Model 3 cars being a more and more common project for us as these new all-electric vehicles sell in ever greater numbers. Once your Tesla Model 3 is equipped with clear bra paint protection film over the exterior of the body and window film on the glass, it will be better protected from all sorts of common sources of damage and the Model 3 will maintain its great looks and its value for much longer than a vehicle without these treatments could hope to.

The recent paint protection and window tint installation we completed on this Tesla Model 3 is a great example of what these protective films can do for your own vehicle (Model 3, Tesla Model X or S, or any other type of car, truck, or SUV, of course). So let’s take a look in detail at the products we used and the purpose behind them.

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint

Window tint for a Tesla Model 3 can make the car look even better the same day it is applied, especially if the vehicle owner chooses a film that adds color and contrast to the glass. But many Tesla customers are perfectly happy with the way their Model 3 already looks and don’t want to change its looks, yet they are still interested in the benefits of window tint for their Tesla. These benefits include rejection a portion of the hot infrared light that warms cabin temperatures and requires battery-draining use of A/C systems, blocking 99% of the UV light that can cause faded, discolored, and cracked interiors, and a reduction in the harsh, even blinding glare of the sun during the day and of headlights at night.

3M Crystalline Tint – Tesla Model 3

For window tinting Tesla Model 3 glass, in this case the customer was much more concerned with the performance of the window tint than with how it change the look of the car. We recommended (and subsequently applied) 3M Crystalline 70% shade tint on the side windows, and on the glass roof/rear window of the Model 3, while we applied 3M Crystalline 90% tint on the front windshield. Remember that windows tint percentage numbers refer to the amount of visible light that can pass through, so these tints are not all that shaded in terms of appearance — in fact 3M Crystalline 90% is the least shaded tint the brand offers and is almost invisible to the naked eye. Yet these window films still provide the bonuses discussed above, such as lowered cabin temperatures that lowers energy consumption by rejected infrared light, glare reduction, and blocking 99% of the harmful, damaging UV light that fades and cracks interiors.


3M Crystalline 70% Tint
3M Crystalline 70% Tint Installation – Clear shade with high heat rejection

Tesla Model 3 Rear Window Tint

Window tint for the rear window of a Tesla Model 3 is absolutely essential to keep the interior of the car cool, to prevent solar fading, cracking, and discoloration, and to keep the driver and passers safe and comfortable, blocking the sun’s heat, glare, and skin damaging UV rays. But tinting Tesla Model 3 rear windows is also a challenge that many window tint installers can’t handle. The unique large glass roof panel is too big for the window tint rolls and hardware stocked by many companies who find themselves simply unable to take on the project. Window Tint Z has the machinery, materials, and the know-how to quickly and confidently apply window tint to the rear glass of your Tesla Model 3, just like we did with this one.

Best Window Tint for Tesla

All the automotive window films we stock are superlative products that reduce cabin temperatures, add UV blocking properties, lessen the sun’s glare, and that protect your windows from physical damage, too. So when choosing the best window film for Tesla vehicles, the question is often more a matter of aesthetics and window tint laws in your area. We will work with you to find the ideal window film for your Tesla; one that compliments the color of the car and that adds the right amount of shading, privacy, and performance for your needs.

Protect Paint for Tesla Model 3

Few things can ruin the appearance and the potential re-sale value of a car like a scratched, dented, cracked pain job. Even a handsome car like the Tesla Model 3 can be made unappealing by chips and scratches left by flying bits of road debris, brambles hanging out into roadways or near parking spaces, or from scratches caused by accidental contact with other cars, with shopping carts, and so on. To prevent chips, scratches, and small dents from ruining the exterior of your Tesla Model 3, we strongly recommend paint protection film.

Tesla Model 3 Crystalline Tint 3M
Tesla Model 3 – 3M Crystalline Tint – Doors protected from water

Tesla Model 3 Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Chances are that most Tesla Model 3 owners are thrilled with the appearance of their car and don’t want to change the way it looks in the name of protecting it against damage. That’s why clear bar paint protection film for Tesla Model 3s is so popular. This durable, protective coating prevents minor scratches, dents, and chips yet is not visible to the naked eye and has no effect on the vehicle’s appearance… other than to preserve its great looks, that is.

LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film

Window Tint Z installed Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film on the full front end of this customer’s Tesla Model 3. The front bumper area, hood, and driver and shotgun passenger doors of a car are the most susceptible to damage caused by road debris, parking lot mishaps, and other common issues, thus by applying the Llumar Platinum Paint Protection clear bra film over these areas, we helped ensure that the vehicle can resist these common forms of damage in these vulnerable areas.

Model 3 Paint Protection

Window Tint Z also offers complete auto exterior paint protection services for Tesla Model 3 vehicles as well as for any other make and model of car. While front end only clear bra paint protection is often sufficient for preventing paint damage from bits of debris, branches, and other common troublemakers, whole body auto paint protection wraps can keep the entire exterior of the car safe from these and other issues, such as the fading slowly caused by long exposure to sunshine and from acute issues like spills of chemicals, paint, or oil, or from bird droppings, tree sap, and other unpleasantness.

Clear Bra Paint Protection - Tesla Model 3 - LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film
Clear Bra Paint Protection – Tesla Model 3 – LLumar Platinum Paint Protection FilmTesla Model 3 - Window Tint and Clear Bra ProtectionTesla Model 3 – Window Tint and Clear Bra Protection

Tesla Clear Bra Cost

The cost of clear bra paint protection film for Tesla vehicles is comparable clear bra paint protection prices for any other automobile you bring into Window Tint Z. For front end clear bra film application, your costs will usually be in the hundreds of dollars or maybe slightly above $1000, with the Tesla clear bra cost going up some if there is paint correction and restoration required prior to the paint protection film application. However, as a new front end only paint job can cost well over $2000 (and more for custom colors), the cost of clear bra paint protection will pay for itself and then some by preserving the exterior of your Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Clear Bra

Window Tint Z can install front end Tesla Model 3 clear bra paint protection film in a matter of hours, thereby ensuring the vulnerable good and door panels of your vehicle will be protected against scratches, chips, and small dents for years to come. Tesla clear bra paint protection wraps are the best way to keep your vehicle looking great and to preserve the value of your Model 3. And should the sacrificial clear bra film ever become damaged and need removal or replacement, the paint underneath the film will look as good as new. It’s a easier and more cost effective to replace damaged paint protection wrap than it is to get a brand new paint job for your Tesla, so bring that Model 3 into Window Tint Z today.