If you live in Los Angeles, you know there’s a lot to love about this wonderful town, but there are a few drawbacks, too. Like traffic, to be sure. And housing costs. And definitely the heat from August through October. And sometimes November. Sure, the weather is great almost all year round, but in LA, summer and fall can be savage scorchers. And all that heat isn’t just unpleasant, it can be downright damaging, with your car at the most potential risk for issues caused by sunshine.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Tint for Tesla Model 3 – Black and Red Model 3’s in the Picture

Window Tint for a Model 3 In LA

If you drive a Tesla Model 3 in LA, you have one of the cleanest, most high performing vehicles on the SoCal roadways, and you owe it to your car and yourself to protect it against sun damage. That’s why Window Tint Z is proud to offer comprehensive Tesla Model 3 tinting in Los Angeles. And not just because we believe in supporting eco-friendly vehicles, but also because we love rising to the challenge of tinting that massive glass roof of the Model 3, a feat many window tint companies in LA and beyond simply can’t do without using multiple sheets of window film, which results in an unsightly appearance and reduced tint performance.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Best Tint for Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles

Why Your Tesla Model 3 Needs Window Tint

The sunlight spectrum contains all sorts of wavelengths of light, and many of these wavelengths fall into two extremes that are invisible but that can be highly disruptive and damaging to a vehicle. The first is infrared light, which is the hottest component of sunshine. Infrared light is responsible for the intense heat you feel in the cabin of a car that has been parked in the sun or even in the shade on extra hot days. Not only is this interior heat unpleasant, but it can damage items left in the car and can lead to excessive draining of batteries as you run the AC system to cool your Model 3 down.

The second type of sunlight that can cause issues is ultraviolet light. That same invisible sunlight responsible for sunburns to your skin can wreak havoc on your car’s interior, fading your Model 3’s handsome upholstery and causing the dash to discolor and crack over time. This hurts the look of the car you love and reduces its resale value, too.

But with great window tint for a Model 3 Los Angeles sunshine is nothing to be feared. We stock multiple brands and product lines of window film that can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV light and that dramatically curtail IR heat, the latter dependent on a few factors, such as the type of window film and the darkness you choose.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Red Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles

Model 3 Window Tint: A Matter of Style

Many of our Model 3 Los Angeles window tint customers want the benefits of window film without the dark look associated with window tint, and that’s something we can easily accommodate. Many of our high performance window films appear almost optically clear, not changing the appearance of a Model 3 at all yet offering all the solar blocking benefits you expect from great window film.

On the other hand, others people love how window tint can change and enhance the look of a Model 3. With window tint, you can darken your windows, adding style and privacy, or you can subtly change the color of the auto glass, making your Tesla all the more striking thanks to the contrast between paint job and windows.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Model 3 Tint with High Heat Rejection Ceramic Tint

The Best Window Tint for Teslas In LA

If our many past Tesla customers have it right, we’re proud to call ourselves one of the very best auto tint shops for Teslas in LA. But that’s for our customers (and you) to decide. What we’ll help you do is find the very best auto tint for your Tesla Model 3.

We stock a wide range of window films, including dye stable lines, metallics, and a number of advanced nano-ceramic window tints, all of which have their own unique looks and their own commendable properties. But every window tint we offer reduces IR heat, blocks UV light, and adds tensile strength and scratch protection to windows. So choosing the best tint for a Tesla is really more a matter of style preference; they’ll all work just fine in combatting that LA sun and heat.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Tint in Los Angeles at Window Tint Z
Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Ceramic Tint for Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles
Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Block Heat with Tint for Tesla Model 3

The Other Benefits of Window Tint for a Model 3

We’ve already covered the primary benefits of window tint for a Tesla, which are infrared and ultraviolet light rejection, but window film has several other notable properties worth highlighting. The first of which is the ability of window film to regulate VLT, or visible light transmission. Darker window tints (those with lower percentage ratings of VLT) provide more privacy, while all tints that reduce VLT also reduce the harsh glare of sunlight that can make driving unpleasant and unsafe.

And when you choose a security window tint for a car in Los Angeles, you can protect the possessions inside your Tesla from a smash-and-grab robbery and potentially prevent a theft of the vehicle itself, too.

Tesla Model 3 Tint in Los Angeles
Ceramic Tint Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint Cost In Los Angeles

Window Tint Z always charges fair, competitive prices for all window tinting services, and we are more than happy to offer you a no obligation estimate of your tint jobs costs. We will explain the process, the pricing, and the options at your disposal, and if you choose not to proceed, no problem at all.

But for a frame of reference, tinting a Model 3 usually costs about five to seven hundred dollars, though prices vary depending on the type of tint you choose and whether or not you are having all the windows treated. We can customize a tint package to suit any and all needs, covering the side windows, windshield front and back and roof, only the overhead glass, or whatever you prefer.

And when you think of window tint for a Tesla Model 3 in LA as a long term investment in the car that will preserve its looks and value, you’ll agree it’s money well spent no matter what option you ultimately choose.