Tesla X Window Tint

We’re proud to be fast becoming one of the premier installers of Tesla Model X window tint not because we think we’re so great at applying window tint for Teslas, but rather because numerous Tesla owners seem to think so. Our Tesla window film business has expanded rapidly in the past few years largely because our Tesla tint customers have spread the word to fellow Tesla owners, saying that Window Tint Z is a great place to get window film for these unique vehicles.

And when it comes to the Tesla Model X, unique really is the very best word. What other all-electric car boasts up to 518 horsepower, can seat as many as seven passengers, and depending on the specific model, can tow more than 5,500 pounds? And let’s not forget about the gull wing style rear doors or the sleek unique overall look of this thoroughly modern vehicle. And as good as the Tesla Model X looks on the outside, its cabin is just as lovely within.

There is an elegant simplicity to the controls and dashboard of the Tesla Model X that belies the cutting edge technology lurking behind that center console touchscreen, the heads up driver display, and of course below the hood and spread all throughout the body of the vehicle. And of course the seat design and upholstering of the Model X is stunning. But as with any vehicle, the interior of a Model X only maintains its good looks when it’s protected against wear and tear and damage.

And what is the number one threat to the good looks of the Model X? Just like with all vehicle interiors, it’s the sunshine.

Ceramic Tint Tesla Model X
Best Tints for Tesla Model X – 3M Crystalline, Formula One Stratos and Pinnacle, Huper Optik Ceramic Tint

Tesla Model X Windshield Tint

The large, elegantly sloping windshield of the Tesla Model X affords its driver and passengers a great view of the roadway and the world around, and it looks sleek and stylish from outside the vehicle, but it also allows in lots and lots of sunlight. This abundance of light can lead to an abundance of problems, both in the immediate, everyday sense and in the chronic sense over time.

On a day to day basis, the large Tesla X windshield can lead to lots of interior cabin heat; whether the car is parked in the sun or rolling down the highway on a sunny day, the more invisible but warming infrared light that hits the glass, the hotter the car will get inside. Reducing interior cabin temperatures by blocking infrared heat can keep those inside the car more comfortable and can reduce the need for AC use, thereby saving more battery life and preserving more range for the drive.

The sun’s bright visible light can also make driving or riding in a Tesla Model X less pleasant and even less safe as the harsh glare through the windshield reduces driver visibility.

And over time, the sun’s ultraviolet light can have devastating effects on the dash, upholstery, and other surfaces inside the car. UV light causes fading, cracking, and discoloration that can leave the interior of this handsome vehicle looking worn and unappealing, and that can dramatically reduce its resale value.

The good news? Tesla Model X window tint can effectively prevent all of these issues. And it can even add some style and privacy in the process.

Ceramic Window Tint - Tesla Model X
Protection Model X interior from UV with Ceramic Window Tint

Best Window Tint for Tesla X

If you want to maintain the best possible looks for your Tesla Model X window tint is a must have. And if you want enjoy the most pleasant experience of experience of driving your Model X window film is equally imperative. But with so many window film choices out there, what is the best window tint for Tesla X vehicles? The short answer comes in the form of a question: What’s the best window tint forΒ your Tesla Model X?

We source multiple different window tint products from the leading window film brands, and we have applied them to scores of Teslas in recent years. We strive to break down the benefits of each different type of window tint and then help our customers choose the bets tint for their Tesla based on performance metrics and stylistic preference. And we can start that process with you right here and right now.

These are some of the best window films for Tesla Model X cars, and we’ll be glad to explain why in even greater detail if you call us up or stop by our shop.

Model X Ceramic Tint
Model X Ceramic Tint

3M Crystalline Tesla Model X

3M Crystalline window tint is so popular for Tesla Model X owners thanks of course to its exemplary performance, but also for one standout reason: as the name crystalline suggests, this is an optically crystal clear window tint that does not change the appearance of your Model X (or any other car!) in any appreciable way. With 3M Crystalline tint for Teslas, you can enjoy a Model X that looks exactly the same as it did pre-tint yet still enjoy the many benefits of automotive window tint.

And in this case, that means a 99% rejection of the sun’s damaging UV rays, so the interior of your Tesla X will be protected against fading and cracking. 3M Crystalline also blocks up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and boasts as much as 60% total solar energy (or TSER) rejection, so the interior of your Tesla will stay cooler and more comfortable, and with reduced glare, albeit with no noticeable change to the appearance of the car from the outside or to the view our from within the vehicle.

Model X Paint Protection Film Clear Bra
Paint Protection Film for Tesla Model X

Formula One Stratos Tint Tesla Model X

For Tesla drivers who want to enjoy the performance benefits of window tint and who also want to take control of the styling and privacy of their Model X, Llumar Formula One Stratos tint is one of our go-to recommended products. This superb window tint comes in six different shading varieties, ranging from a mild 70% VLT (visible light transmission) that adds a bit of shading and privacy while not markedly changing the look of the car all the way ti 15% VLT, where one 15% of the sun’s light penetrates, almost total privacy is established, and a dark, stylish look is created.

And of course no matter what VLT percent you choose, you can count on Formula One Stratos tint for Teslas to block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV light and to greatly curtail the heat caused by infrared sunshine. This Hybrid-Matrix nano-ceramic tint gives you choice along with performance.

Tesla Model X Ceramic Tint
Model X Ceramic Tint – Formula One Stratos Tint

Huper Optik Tesla Model X

When Huper Optik ceramic window tint was first developed in the later years of the 20th Century, it was developed for the aerospace industry. It only makes sense that the latest upgrades to this impressive ceramic window tint are now ideally suited to one of the most advanced cars on the road. For a Tesla Model X Hupet Optik nano-ceramic window tint is a great choice. It blocks almost all of the sun’s UV light and absorbs, redirects, and rejects much of the total solar energy thanks to the billions of minute ceramic particles infused into the thin layers of the window film.

Huper Optik tints are nonmetallic and are totally inert, not affecting radio, satellite, cell, or Bluetooth signals in any way. And these window tints also never fade or discolor over time, so you can count on your Tesla X ceramic window tint to look as good in 10 years or more as it does on the day we complete the installation. And thanks to the superlative solar rejection properties of this window tint, you can also count on the interior of your Tesla Model X looking great even years after the installation as well.