3M 1080

The 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series is a simple one-time vehicle-improvement project that Sherman Oaks vehicle owners can invest in to quickly and more affordably add style to those wonderful cars and motorcycles we see on local streets. Want an advantage over neighbors, rivals or business competitors? Paint protection film and especially the 1080 series wrap films are gaining popularity, and these PPFs, as they’re often called, are making vehicles in the greater Los Angeles region look so much better than even those that are the same make and model.

Beautify while also Protecting in Sherman Oaks

Of the quality vehicle wrap film options available today, our experience indicates that only a few truly stand out. We can say the 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series could be the very top in terms of protecting, beautification and “style-ups” for cars, motorcycles and trailers. This is a compliment, because some other excellent PPF manufacturers like Avery Dennison and LLumar also stand out. Still, the 3M 1080 series auto wraps are constructed with two color layers, providing added durability and stabilization on the different dimensions of vehicles. The 1080 series films, because of superior design, adhere well to all types of vehicles.

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Why a 3M 1080 Car Wrap Film Option for Vehicles in Sherman Oaks?

Customers sometimes ask us, “Why get a 3M 1080 wrap film for my car? Aren’t these car wrapping films the same?” The answer is no, not all PPFs are equal. Some are quite inferior, or do not last long; while others may not adhere well or perform as expected. Performance is huge for paint protection films. We expect them to protect vehicle paint jobs and bodies, while at the same time they beautify and add style points on our vehicles. Inferior car wrap films also can be difficult to work with which means potential for installation troubles and possibly imperfections.

Switch how Your Car in Sherman Oaks is Perceived

From corrugations to concave surfaces, to compound surfaces and more, the 3M 1080 films adhere to, protect your vehicle’s paint from the various hazards of motoring around L.A. These quality PPF films can add new elements of style or color to the vehicle’s exterior. The 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 products come in a great range of colors, shades and tints that alter a vehicle’s exterior appearance. In the end, the perception of the vehicle by those you roll by is changed positively with a good PPF or color change vinyl wrap film.

3M 1080

Long-Term Savings from Paint Protection Films (PPFs)

Color, texture or other improvements to a vehicle’s exterior are wonderful touches that can truly make your property stand out from an L.A. crowd. The 3M 1080 wrap films offer benefits that could prove significant, including durability – which 3M estimates conservatively at up to 7 years. Wrap films by quality manufacturers like 3M should last even longer. Call us today to learn more about the installation of a 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 product on your vehicle in Sherman Oaks or other Los Angeles-area communities like Universal City, Van Nuys or Valley Glen.