Window Tint Z gets a lot of calls with people asking what is the best window tint for a Tesla. Up until recently, people had always wondered about window film for a Model 3, Model S, or Model X. With the new Tesla Model Y crossover-style SUV production run due to commence next year, now people are starting to wonder about the best window tint for a Tesla Model Y. And as it’s never too early to start planning a vehicle upgrade with great window film, that’s a topic we’re happy to discuss. The short story is that, as with any car, the best window tint for any Tesla is the tint that you like the most in terms of performance and appearance. If the Tesla Model Y looks as good as the other vehicles the carmaker has already released, then appearance is certainly a factor. And is it will likely have the same glass roof option, the need for high-performance window tint will be critical for Model Y drivers.


We can discuss the many fine Tesla Model Y window tint options in detail, but first let’s discuss why applying window tinting on your Tesla is so critical. When sunshine passes through the windows of a car, it can cause all sorts of problems for the interior of the vehicle. Sunshine leads to fading and cracking in the upholstery and dashboard, damaging the appearance of the interior and hurting the re-sale value of the car. Good car window tint blocks a majority of the harmful UV light responsible for this damage to the cabin, preserving the look and value of the vehicle.

What’s more, the sun’s infrared heat causes interior warming that makes it unpleasant to be inside your Tesla on hot and sunny days. Reduced infrared light keeps the interior cooler and can even save you money: the hotter the interior of the cabin gets, the more you need to run the air conditioning to cool it down. And more AC use means more draining of the batteries, which limits the vehicle’s range and necessitates frequent charging, which will add to your power bill.

Best TESLA Model Y Window Tint
TESLA Model Y Best Window Tint

Now as for the question of which is the best Model Y window tint, it really is a personal decision. Take a moment to read about some of the of window tints for Teslas that Window Tint Z regularly recommends, as the more you learn about the window tinting options we offer, the easier it will be to select the best window tint for a Tesla Model Y once the eagerly anticipated vehicles are available for sale.

3M Crystalline Tint – TESLA Model Y

Many Tesla drivers choose 3M Crystalline tint to enjoy the benefits of window film performance without changing look of their car. 3M Crystalline window tint is optically clear and effectively invisible to the human eye; it does not darken car windows in any noticeable way. 3M Crystalline tint lets in lots of the sun’s visible light, keeping the cabin bright during the daytime. But this clear window film rejects a substantial percentage of the sun’s hot infrared light and harmful ultraviolet light. This makes it a great window tint for Tesla drivers who want a cooler, fade-resistant cabin but who do not want the dark look of window tint.

Huper Optik Ceramic – TESLA Model Y

Huper Optik ceramic window films were designed for aircraft and spacecraft at high risk for damage caused the solar radiation. These top quality window tints can provide great protection for a Tesla Model Y, too. Huper Optik ceramic window film is infused with billions of nano-ceramic particles that form a barrier against more than 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, also blocking much of the hot infrared light. Ceramic window tint adds subtle privacy shading to the windows and it does not interfere with signals from the radio, your phone, a GPS system, or other devices.

Huper Optik Select – TESLA Model Y

Huper Optik Select window film is spectrally selective thanks to an infusion of microscopic bits of inert precious metals and ceramic particles. Spectrally selective tinting allows some types of sunlight to enter the vehicle while blocking others. Using Huper Optik Select tint for a Tesla Model Y will mean plenty of visible light in the interior, but will also mean harmful ultraviolet light and hot infrared light will be largely excluded. This window film blocks up to 70% of the total solar energy while also adding some style and privacy to the auto glass.

Formula One Pinnacle – TESLA Model Y

Many Tesla owners select Formula One Pinnacle window tint because this stylish window film creates an elegant look perfectly suited to these elegant cars. Formula One Pinnacle tint is produced with rich, color-stable dyes, so the tinted windows will look great for years to come. The tinted windows will also perform well, too, thanks to this privacy window tint’s excellent UV light rejection and IR light reduction.

Formula One Stratos – TESLA Model Y

Formula One Stratos window tint is relative newcomer to the automotive market, but it is already a popular choice with Tesla owners, and will make a great tint for Tesla Model Y SUVs. Formula One Stratos tint is highly effective due to its use of multiple microscopically thin layers of window film stacked one atop another. These layers of tint are impregnated with millions of nanoscopic particles that redirect the sun’s energy away from the interior of the cabin. The result is superior warmth reduction, zero signal interference, less harsh glare glare, and physically reinforced auto glass.

TESLA Model Y Window Tint
TESLA Model Y Window Tint

Clear Bra Paint Wrap for TESLA Model Y

Getting clear bra paint protection for a Tesla costs much less than a new paint job, and without clear bra paint protection wrap, your Tesla will probably need new paint at some point if you want it to remain looking great. So invest in clear bra wrap now and save yourself money later.

Clear bra coatings protect the paint against scratches, peeling, abrasion, and small dents and flakes. Tesla clear bra paint wrap can’t be seen by the naked eye and does not change the appearance of the car. And whether you opt for partial front paint protection clear bra wrap (with the clear bra only covering the front facing areas of the car), full front paint protection clear bra application (with the wrap on the front bumper, hood, forward side panels, and side view mirrors), or full car paint protection wrap, you guarantee a better preserved and more valuable car years down the line.