I just recently had a baby and while en route to his pediatrician appt, I noticed the sun pouring into the backseat and consequently into my colicky lo’s car seat. Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy with me. That same day I called Window Tintz to make an appt to have my wagon’s windows tinted.
The guys were soooo incredibly helpful. I knew nothing about tint but obviously the topic became incredibly important very quickly! The ceramic tint they used has kept our car cool inside – which helps too that I don’t necessarily have to have the AC blasting during the drive plus keeps the glare out of my lo’s face.
There is so much to worry about with a newborn and the guys at Window Tintz made the whole process so easy. and they were so nice to me as well which as a sleep deprived new mama, I greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you Vince, Erik & Hector!

Yelp Review from Tiffani M. of Los Angeles, California
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