Hi all, I’ve been using yelp for years, but I’ve never given any reviews before. However, I have got to write these guys a review from their amazing job and professionalism. So here goes my first yelp review ever!

Like everyone else, I searched yelp for the best place to get my car window tint done. I called them up and made a decision to go even though they were like 25 miles from my home. From the moment I got there I was greeted with a nice welcome from the staff. They offer me water, snacks, and a free wifi. The guy was very informative and showed me all the options and prices difference.

As the job was done, I could tell right away that they did an amazing job considered I used to work at a vinyl shop before. Plus, they took a little less than an hour, which I thought that was expertise. Beside the really good price they offer me, the tint came out great! Not a single bobble found.

Here is what made me really want to take my time and write them a review. It was my mistake and there was an issue, but the owner at this shop wanted to make sure I am fully satisfied with everything. So, he was extremely understanding and found a solution for me. In the end, I am totally more than satisfied. I am thrilled and glad that I made that right choice to drive out here not only to get the job done professionally but found a really great place to let all my family and friends know about.

So if you’re reading this review, I guarantee you that not only you won’t regret coming here but will be happy you got your car window tint professionally done from these amazing guys! Thank you Window TintZ!

Yelp Review from Mo I. of Los Angeles, California
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