You might believe that there are hurricane films for window tints, and you’ve asked yourself, “Where can I get a hurricane-proof tint near me?” You must’ve read that window films can provide protection against any events for your car. Or probably you’ve asked yourself, “Where can I buy car window tint in Avalon Park, Orlando, FL?” Know the story behind this controversial topic for window tinting.

Are Hurricane Window Films for Real?

A tint company in Avalon Park, Orlando, FL may claim they’ve made a shatterproof film against nature’s elements. But the truth is there isn’t one. All these tints do not make your windows hurricane-proof. Instead, they lessen the glass shards when a trajectory missile hits the windows.

What Does the State Think?

Florida has given their ultimatum. They do not approve of these “impact window films.” The Florida Building Commission said that these window films should be part of the whole window system. Of course, they aren’t. Auto companies should also take heed of it.

Brands and shops claiming it to be hurricane-proof will be called for fraudulent claims. A lot of companies have been scamming citizens due to how cheap tint around Avalon Park, Orlando, FL according to them.

What Good Does the Film Do Anyway?

It may not be hurricane- or windproof, but these security films offer extra protection. When missile projects to your car, such as bullets, barks, and stones, it’ll lessen the shards flying around. The density and adhesiveness make the glass clumped together during breakage.

Here are some advantages in searching for “tint near me” and having security window films installed:

  • Glass shards won’t fly during projectile hits.
  • How much is it to tint your car windows near Avalon Park, Orlando, FL? Well, this one is cheap.
  • Protects against solar heat and UV rays.
  • Cools the room by reflecting heat back.
  • Adds privacy and comfort to your home.

What the Film Can’t Offer

The film still gets thumbs down from all governmental agencies and insurance companies. State-approved window films are the only ones entitled to insurance and discount claims. This is one of the important things you should focus on in your “tint near me” search. Here’s the downside of those hurricane window films:

  • Doesn’t keep the window panes and glass intact.
  • Still prone to breakage during storms.
  • No discounts or deals from insurance companies.
  • It’s not a Florida-approved hurricane window film.
  • Illegal to be even called “hurricane windows” in some area. Some have fines starting from $500.

Car window shades in Avalon Park, Orlando, FL name them security tints rather than hurricane films. While it’s not illegal to sell these kinds of film, the term misled a lot of people. Weigh in the benefits before asking, “Can I install hurricane-proof window tint near me?”