Searching the Internet for “tint near me” may be a hassle for many since there are a lot of tints available on the market. Tinted windows are known to protect not only the interior of your car but also your skin. Looking for the perfect tint shop in Maitland FL and the right tint are the first things you need to focus on.

Whether you are looking for Johnson Window Films in Maitland FL or you want to know the 3M Window Film cost in Maitland FL, always consider the different types of window tints that will fit your windows. Here are some films that you can choose from:

Dyed Film

When you go searching for tint around Maitland FL, you may come across this kind of tint since this is the most common and inexpensive film. But that doesn’t mean this film doesn’t work well.  As a matter of fact, it blocks about 55% of UV rays. Its top coating made of protective polyester also prevents damages and scratches on your glass. This type of film does not reflect light, and it does not fade with time, too.

Metalized Film

This may also be one of the tints you can come across while searching for mobile tint around Maitland FL. This film which is made of several layers of small metals is good at reflecting light. It also protects you from UV rays while you are driving and does not change its color. Metalized film also makes your windows shatter-resistant, which means they are hard to break. But the problem comes when it interferes with radio transmission, cell phone signals, and the like.

Carbon Film

This film does not have any metal particles which is why it does not have any issues regarding signal interference. It creates a sophisticated look with its black matte appearance which is perfect for those who are looking for great aesthetics. It can also block up to 40% of heat. While searching for “tint near me,” you may also find that its price is somewhere between the dyed and metalized films.

These are only some of the films you can choose from when you look for tint film near Maitland FL. You may encounter more of them, with more differences. But always keep in mind that you need to go for what gives your protection the most. This way, searching for “tint near me” won’t be that tough.