“Window tint near me” is becoming a popular improvement for houses and cars.  There are many reasons they are useful whether it’s for protection from UV rays and severe weather, for privacy, or to enhance the overall look.  Window tints, particularly the auto window tint shades, can be expensive.  This is why more people are opting to do this on their own.  Read on to find out what are the top three tips on properly installing window tints.

Clean Well

Once you’ve settled on the proper tint, set out to clean the windows well.  Make sure the window is cleaned gently. If you want a gentle solution, you can use baby shampoo, and prevent bubbles from forming on the tint.  Clean both sides of the window, ensuring the corners or rubber molding are cleaned and dried before starting.  The best automotive window tint around Maitland, FL, uses lint-free cloths, which paper coffee filters can replace in a cinch.

Go Dust-Free

You can choose the best auto window tint shades near Maitland, FL, but if you install in a dust-filled area, then you would have wasted your money.  Make sure to turn off the fans in the area.  Lay down a dust cloth underneath the window when installing tint at home.  Silver window tint near Maitland, FL, is particularly sensitive to dust accumulation, so be sure to keep the dust out.  Going dust-free ensures smooth installation of the window tint film – no bubbles, no peeling, no cracks!

Use Templates

“Are there various types of DIY tint near me?” “How do I install the tint near me?” When you choose to do it yourself, be careful in cutting the shapes.

Measure the window twice, make sure to write down the proper measurements, and then use an old poster or large paper sheets. Don’t use newspapers as the newsprint may stain the window.  Make sure to add 1/2-inch margins around the edge to ensure somewhere to hold as you get the film in place.  In car window tinting near Maitland, FL, a template is important to get the asymmetrical corners and the uneven edges.

“Can I tint my car around Maitland, FL?” Definitely! Once you have the materials in place, the right tint film and the right place, you can easily proceed with tinting your car.  Remember to add that extra half-inch margin, which gives you space to move the film before pressing it in.

If you want to read more tips on how to make the most of your investment in window tints, check out window tinting sites.  They have tips on choosing tints, installing window tints, and caring for your windows.  If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your “tint near me” search, visit trusted tinting service websites now!