Color change vinyl wraps in Los Angeles are more common than you might imagine. The thing is, the top-quality car wrap films looks so good on vehicles, other motorists and pedestrians have no clue that it’s a thin vinyl film creating that silky look – not an expensive paint job that took three weeks to prep, paint and cure. Color change vinyl wraps and finishes can quickly transform vehicles into exactly the distinct style or impression you want. At the same time these car wrap films provide protection from the true paint job underneath, and provide durability to reject solar power and prevent fading and discoloring.

Significant Time Savings with Color Change Vinyl Wraps

It takes anywhere from a few days to three weeks to re-paint a car, depending on who you ask. This auto enthusiast forum gives you an idea – some commenters go into detail about all the prep, painting and curing involved. Los Angeles area residents live a hurry-worry lifestyle and have limited patience, especially when it involves not having access to their car for an extended period. To them, having a car in a shop for three weeks for an exterior color change seems preposterous. Color change vinyl wraps can be applied in a single day and accomplish the exact same purpose: change the car’s color and make the body look better overall.

Potentially Sizeable Savings with Color Change Vinyl Wraps, Too

It’s also not cheap to get a decent re-paint job on a car in the Greater Los Angeles Area. That same auto enthusiast forum listed real-life experiences with quotes as high as five figures. “I’ve looked into getting mine repainted and I get prices anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000,” a commenter stated, “depending on whether I just want a quick ‘70s-era OEM-style job or something that looks like elbow-deep glass.” One car wrap article had the cost of a color change vinyl wrap about the same as a paint job – if it’s a very basic car paint job. Anything decent and you’re looking at significantly more to paint than wrap a car in vinyl.

Best Color Change Vinyl Wraps for Los Angeles Roadways

So you’re convinced to go with a color change vinyl wrap in Los Angeles or other greatly populated areas nearby like Santa Ana, Long Beach or the San Fernando Valley. Which car wrap films should you go with? In our years of experience in the industry we highly recommend two:

  • 3M Wrap Film Series 1080. Car wrap films like the 3M 1080 are designed with two color layers for durability and for stabilization over differing dimensions of car bodies. The 3M 1080 series wraps are available in a great range of colors, shades and tints that can really alter the exterior appearance of a vehicle.
  • Avery Dennison. These car wrap films are all very high-quality available in three distinct channels: the SWF900 Supreme Wrapping-Film for style and performance; Chrome Accent Film for sporty touches or special effects on a car’s body; and the MPI 1105 Series that uses digital technology to ensure the best fit and adhesion to auto bodies.

In the end, color change vinyl wraps not only alter the hue of a car, the films also provide significant protection from scratches, dings, stains and the fading power of the sun. Call us today for more information about color change vinyl wraps in Los Angeles and the surrounding region.