Normally we focus on wrapping cars, not unwrapping them. We talk about things like polychromatic color shift vinyl wrap, what’s new with the most modern matte finishes, or about how window film can extend the working life of this or that car or SUV.

But today, it’s all about unwrapping. And no, not the removal of a vinyl wrap job, but rather the removal of the protective cover wrapped around the very first Bugatti Chiron delivered anywhere in North America. It happened just a week ago, and fortunately for supercar enthusiasts nationwide (or worldwide — this is the web we’re talking about), YouTube vlogger James “TheStradman” was on hand to record the event.

TheStradman is an up and coming YouTub star. He has almost half a million subscribers to his channel, which is a lot of people, but is a good deal lower than the count of the biggest YouTube car stars like Salomondrin or Shmee150. (The YouTube videos of Shmee150 have more than 400 million views!) That said, TheStradman is only in his 20s and he has already parlayed his online stardom into a valuable enough project that he owns a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo and gets to spend time with the latest and greatest supercars on earth. Like this one in question today.

This 2017 Bugatti Chiron was delivered via air freight earlier this month, and was then dropped off to its new owner (which is not TheStradman, FYI) just a week ago. The car arrived zipped into a form-fitting fabric cover which was painstakingly removed by a specialist wearing latex gloves. In fact there were multiple people on hand to help with the unwrapping of the car. Most of us get a new car at a dealership and drive it off the lot without much fanfare. Why such white glove treatment for this vehicle? A few reasons.

A brand new Bugatti Chiron retails for almost three million dollars. (For a reference point, the median home price in America right now is about $200,000. So you could buy fifteen lovely homes or one Bugatti Chiron, it’s your call.) And while the MSRP is $2,998,000, with only a few dozen Bugattis built (essentially by hand) each year, you will have to pay an extra million dollars if you want one soon. Otherwise, the waiting list has you stuck with your old clunker until sometimes in the 2020s.

So price is the main reason the car gets such special treatment. But why does a Bugatti Chiron cost so much? Let’s start with the basics, like horsepower. This car has a lot of that. In fact the Bugatti Chiron has 1,500 horsepower at 6,700 RPM. Yes, fifteen… hundred… horse power. As for top speed, I think the words you’ll be looking for are said best by George Takei:

The Bugatti Chiron top speed is 261 miles per hour. So that’s about three times faster than the highest speed limits in America. Oh well, still fun to know you could. And I do mean 261 MPH precisely: the cars have an electronic limiter that prevents them from accelerating beyond that speed, though the company estimates that the vehicle could drive at just under 290 miles per hour.

As for the zero to sixty, the Chiron does that in 2.3 seconds. By the time 6.5 seconds have passed, the car can be moving at 120 miles per hour. And before you get to 14 seconds, it will be cruising along at a comfortable 190.

The excitement TheStradman feels around this car is infectious, and hopefully the second-hand experience of seeing the car in his and other videos will be enough for you. With production of this amazing two-seater sports car strictly limited to 500 units, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot too many of them in person.

The Chiron is a next generation supercar, surpassing Bugatti’s Veyron sports automobile, which was the fastest street legal production car when it was released 2005. The Veyron was manufactured in several different varieties from 2005 through 2015, but its successor, the Chiron, is now the title holder when it comes to speed. And cost. And rarity. (Frankly, I’d still settle for a Veyron if I had to. Some versions could hit 253 MPH, which might not be 261, but it’s pretty close.)