Enhance the Look of Your Car with Window Tint

Great car window tint can make a vehicle look better than ever, but the opposite is also true: inferior window tint makes a car look much worse than if its windows and windshield simply had no tint at all. And while of course cheap tint that bubbles and peels and discolors is a worst case scenario, even a decent window film can take away from the look of the car if it is applied wrong.

That was the case with this 2018 Chevrolet Cruze, which had window tint on the side windows that was creating far too much contrast with the rest of the vehicle. It simply didn’t look right. So we removed the old tint and applied new window film that has the car looking better than ever.

The old window tint we removed and replaced.

Window Tint Improves Car Function

In Orlando vehicle window tint is about so much more than just privacy and looks. Tint reduces interior fading caused by the sun and reduces interior heat caused by infrared energy. That means your car will look better for years and retain more resale value and will also be cooler and more comfortable and will consume less fuel thanks to reduced use of the AC.