Perhaps you’ve heard of Ceramic Pro but aren’t quite sure what it is? The short answer is that it’s arguably the best way to protect your car’s vinyl wrapped exterior, ensuring the color wrap looks great and resists damage for many years to come.

But to be a bit more specific, let’s allow the brand to speak for itself for a moment. Ceramic Pro is a “clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating that, when cured, will transform itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield.” This advanced formula can be spread out over vinyl wrap (or paint protection film) to create an ultra thin coating that can help car wrap avoid the scratches, tears, and etching caused by tree sap, fuel or oil spills, and more that would otherwise greatly damage the aesthetic value of the exterior.

Ceramic Pro is a permanent vinyl wrap protection solution that will help keep your car’s exterior in better repair and cleaner looking for years to come; it is a worthwhile investment, therefore, for anyone who cares about the condition and value of his or her vehicle. It’s also worthwhile to spend the small extra amount of money required to have your car coated with Ceramic Pro by professionals.

If You Really Want to DIY…

To be clear, you can absolutely apply Ceramic Pro by yourself. All you need to do is thoroughly clean the exterior of your vinyl wrapped car, and then wipe down every square inch of the vehicle to be coated with isopropyl alcohol. Once that has dried, don rubber gloves and grab a microfiber towel. Next apply about five drops of ceramic pro to the sponge, then deftly apply the liquid to a small area of the car’s exterior, spreading it out evenly. The next step involves using a dry microfiber towel to further spread and smooth the solution. Now you must use a dampened towel to go over the treated area again. Then get another microfiber towel, this one again dry, and gently wipe down the treated section. Now repeat that over the entirely of the vehicle.

As you can see, the process can be time consuming. It also requires that you complete the job once you have started it to ensure an overall even finish will be created.

The Sooner You Coat Car Wrap with Ceramic Pro, the Better

But the best reason of all to have professionals apply Ceramic Pro to your color wrapped car is that they can do so directly following the completion of a vinyl wrap job. If you coat a newly wrapped car with Ceramic Pro, you will effectively lock in its brand new look permanently, protecting the richness and quality of the colors and/or patterns of then vinyl wrap beneath a clear, durable layer of protection. Adding a few hundred dollars to your car wrap cost and ensuring that you will enjoy a crisp, clean wrap job for years to come is money well spent.