While resistant to rain and rot, snow and sunshine, one thing vinyl siding cannot stand up is extreme heat. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, at temperatures in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, vinyl siding is subject to melting and warping, and can be ruined in terms of appearance and functionality. And this level of heat is easily created by sunlight bounced off of highly reflective windows.

The vinyl siding melting point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is only a little lower than the melting point of synthetic grass, which is usually ruined by temperatures in excess of 200 degrees. Window reflections melt turf just the same as they melt vinyl siding, for indeed the patches of magnified light created by reflective windows often reach this extreme heat.

Low-E windows are chiefly responsible for melted vinyl siding and damaged artificial grass. These windows are designed to reflect maximum sunlight, and in their double paned variety often display a slight concavity, which only concentrates the reflected light more intensely. If you want to make sure the light bouncing off your low-E windows never reaches the vinyl siding melting point, then consider Turf Guard anti-reflective window film. This window film is amazingly effective at stopping even highly reflective windows from creating magnified, damaging beams of reflected light.

Turf Guards anti-glare window tint is available in several different colors, so you will be able to pick the product that looks right for your property. It will not limit the view out of your windows and it permits plenty of pleasant natural light into the home. Turf Guard anti-reflective window film won’t change the way your windows look when viewed from a distance; in fact, the only notable effect this specialty window film has on a property is the curtailing of potentially dangerous, damaging rays created by sunlight reflecting off windows.

Whether you are worried about damage to your own property or you don’t want your low-E windows to damage a neighboring residence or business, installing Turf Guard anti-glare window film means never having to worry about the vinyl siding melting point being reached by sunshine bouncing off your property.

Neighbors Windows Melting Siding
Neighbors Windows Melting Siding