Taking your car to a place that advertises “window tint near me” can give your car that fresh, new look and offer you privacy and security. Having your windows tinted also provides you and your family protection from cancer-causing UV rays.

Window tint can filter up to 99.9% of these harmful UV rays that cause major health problems in the long run. But that’s not all the weather protection you can get from best window tint around University of Central Florida – it can shield you from various hazards brought about by harsh weather conditions.

Serious Health Dangers Caused by Extreme Heat

A simple discomfort caused by hot weather can surely make you give that “affordable window tinting near me near University of Central Florida” or that “window tint near me” ad a second thought. Additionally, how much more can these following information do. A report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicates that 2017 is the hottest year that Florida has experienced with an average temperature of 77.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the most serious illnesses caused by extreme heat is heatstroke. Statistics report that 742 children have died of heatstroke inside vehicles since 1988. Such deaths could have been prevented with the proper precautionary measures. Similar to the Greenhouse Effect, sunlight enters the car primarily through the glass, and heat builds up inside.

The Danger of Shattered Glass Caused by Strong Winds

Tornadoes and strong winds brought by hurricanes cause extreme danger and damage to properties and even leave behind hazardous results. One such hazardous outcome are the pieces of shattered glass that can trigger serious injuries. This situation can also be prevented with a trip to window tinting locations near University of Central Florida to obtain a window tint near me.

How Tinting Your Windows Can Offer Protection From These Dangers

  • Reduces heat: Tinted windows filter the sunlight that enters the vehicle. Some types of auto window in University of Central Florida block the entry of heat-causing wavelengths.
  • Keeps shattered glass intact: Tinted windows spare you from the trouble of cleaning up the shards from your interior. More importantly, they can save you from serious injuries from shattered glass.

The foregoing pointers highlight the importance of Googling “where can i get my car tinted around University of Central Florida” now rather than searching for first-aid treatments or the nearest hospital later. Bring your car to a place offering window tint near me and be safe.