West Hollywood, California is a vibrant city that is home to some of the most famous streets in Southern California. From Melrose Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard to the storied Sunset Strip, there are many miles of noted roadway in this small but exciting city, which is home to around 37,000 people. Whether you are a resident of West Hollywood or you frequently visit the area or find yourself just driving, surely you’ve noticed that many of the cars in this region of Los Angeles are decked out with extra style. In many cases, automative style in West Hollywood comes thanks to color wrap for cars.

Automotive color wrapping uses thin, durable sheets of vinyl to coat the exterior of a car, thus completely changing the way the vehicle looks but without the need for a new paint job. Car color wraps last many years and protect the vehicle exterior underneath the vinyl film, effectively preserving the original paint job and the integrity of the underlying surface and helping to maintain the overall value of the car, truck, or SUV. Vinyl color wrap prevents sun damage that can fade and discolor auto paint over time and it stops debris or minor contact with other cars or objects from scratching the exterior of your vehicle.

Also known as paint wraps, car color wrap in West Hollywood is popular more for the way it makes a car look than for the added protection it offers. Vinyl car film is called paint wrap because it can indeed stand in for a new paint job, refreshing or changing the color of your car. But to call it paint wrap and think of this versatile film as nothing more than that, as a substitute for auto paint, is selling the material short. In fact, color wrap film can do much more for a car than auto paint alone could ever achieve. Paint wrapping can change the color, the pattern, and the finish of an exterior. With a color change wrap, you can enjoy a vehicle with an exterior finish in high shine chrome, advanced carbon fiber, a striking pattern, or with a color shift wrap. Color shift auto wraps literally see a single car displaying multiple shades and hues of color around various parts of its surface. These handsome and memorable exteriors attract the attention of all who see them, helping you stand out even in busy spots like the popular Sunset Strip.

An iridescent color shift wrap in West Hollywood is perfect for showing your pride in this progressive area or to show off your sense of style. You can create a car with a custom rainbow exterior or you can use car wrap to achieve any other look you want. The films come in more colors than most people can name, and the finish options — such as brushed, satin, and gloss — multiply the exterior options you have at your disposal.

Protect your car while helping it look its best with color change wrap in West Hollywood, California.