Tint Options

You wanted it, you ordered it and now, you finally got your new Tesla! 

You’re going to need to add some tint to this gorgeous electric ride. And your first thought may be:

“Is it hard to add tint to a Tesla? With all the new high-tech instruments and sensors?“

The quick answer is, No! Adding tint to your Model 3, Model S, Model X or Model Y is safe and simple for our skilled installers!

Why Tesla’s Look Even Better With Tint

The number one reason Tesla owners tint their vehicles is to make the vehicle look more sleek and personalized. Tint really adds a unique look for the vehicle. Additionally, the window tint makes for a more quality ride! A good window tint will block out heat, shield against UV rays, reduce fading interiors, and cut down on sun glare.

Ceramic Tint is Status

We specialize in Tesla installation and with so many Tesla’s rolling into our shop every month, we tell you this with confidence—Tesla owners love Ceramic Tint. Here’s why:

First off, There are a couple of options for ceramic tint: A single layer ceramic tint and a dual layer ceramic tint. Xpel Prime XR is a single layer ceramic tint that helps to block heat from outside. Xpel Prime XR Plus is a dual layer ceramic that will block even more heat than the single layer, making it the best functioning tint you can purchase.  

Metalized Window Films – Not a good fit for Teslas

When tinting your Tesla, we suggest a ceramic tint to avoid a metalized window film. With all the modern technology used in a Tesla, it’s best to opt for a ceramic window film. Xpel ceramic window tints are metal free and won’t affect your vehicle’s electronics.

Tinting a Tesla With a Single Piece of Film

Be sure to partner with a shop who knows how to properly tint a Tesla, because not every shop can. Each model of the Tesla is unique but all have one thing in common. One very large window. For the Model 3, it’s the large rear window, extending from the rear bumper to just behind the front seats. For the Model Y, it’s the massive panoramic all glass roof. And for the Model X, the large front windshield. It’s important for the large windows to have a single piece of tint to avoid unsightly seams!

Window Tint Z is Your Professional Tesla Tint Shop

You bought a Tesla because you wanted one of the best cars on the road! Window Tint Z is your local Tesla professional installer providing warrantied installation by certified installers. For more information, get in touch with us today!

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