– If you want ultimate protection, we recommend all windows. We have all the standard shades (percentages) for all your side and rear windows. We have a virtually clear ceramic tint for the front windshield that will not affect your vision but will reduce heat in the vehicle, protect you and your interior from UV damage and block glare. Your sunroof may come with a slight factory tint however, factory tint does not provide UV protection or heat rejection so we recommend the sunroof as well. 

What is legal in my state?

Every state has its own requirements when it comes to tint percentages. They have guidelines on what you can tint the side front, side rear, and windshields. Here in Florida we are allowed 30% for the 2 front doors and slightly darker is allowed for the rear half of the vehicle at 15%.  

How long does tint last?

High quality tint can last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Xpel Prime Products come with a lifetime warranty from bubbling, purpling, peeling bubbles, etc.

How much does it cost?

– This will depend on the type of tint you choose, what windows you tint and your location. We suggest coming to a reputable shop with high quality tint. Click Here for a personalized quote. Because of Tesla having a lot of electronic components you’d definitely want to come to a shop that is familiar with Tesla.

Questions you should ask your installer:

– Do you install the large windows (Rear Windshield Model 3, Sunroof Model Y or Front Windshield Model X) in one piece or two pieces? It should be one piece to avoid seams.

What is the warranty? Lifetime warranty is best

What steps do you take to make sure all electronics are safe? Here at Window Tint Z, we use soak ropes, dash mats, doors guards, seat covers and floor mats to make sure all electronics and areas are protected during installation. 

How is tint installed?

– Tint installation in a nutshell is: thoroughly cleaning the windows, heat molding the tint to fit the window, and then installing the tint from the inside. Installation takes 1-3 hours depending on what windows you want to add tint to.  

Why should you tint?

– Protects you and your interior from harmful UV rays

– Reduces sun glare and glare from headlights while night driving

– Improves vehicle appearance 

– Prevents interior from fading

– Blocks solar heat (You save energy by not using AC as much, therefore conserving battery life and ultimately range.)

– Privacy

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