Window tint is our specialty at Window Tint Z. Our team has years of experience applying window tint and we have the highest standards in the area.

Stay Sleek

Many people get window tint to improve the aesthetics of their vehicle, and it will do that, but did you know there are other benefits that go beyond cosmetics?

Stay Cool

Heat reduction is probably the single biggest reason to get window tint. It’s hot here in Florida. You know the feeling when you open your car door on a hot summer day and the hot air starts rushing out, it’s unbearable.   When your vehicle sits out in the sun, the infra-red light will heat up the air inside, with the temperatures often exceeding 130 degrees on a hot summer day! With a good quality window tint you can reduce this by up to 70%.  This will help cool the vehicle down faster and eliminate the open oven door feeling.  

Stay Safe

With the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, skin cancer is a topic that gets mentioned more and more.  Our window tint eliminates 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from getting into your vehicle? It’s like having SPF-1000 sunblock on your windows. You are now protected from things like sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer while in your vehicle. And if you have any kind of skin condition that gets aggravated by exposure to the sun, our window tint is perfect for you. Finally, your interior is also protected from fading and cracking from sun exposure, so it helps keep your vehicle looking newer for a longer period of time.

Stay Efficient

Since you won’t need to run your air conditioning system as much or as long to keep cool, you use less fuel, or use less battery (depending on the vehicle) which is always a good thing. You will also be more comfortable while driving, especially on longer trips. 

Reduced Glare

When you are driving during the day, our window tint helps reduce glare from the sun, and at night it dramatically helps reduce glare from headlights of oncoming traffic.

Increased Privacy

Privacy is important to all of us, and window tint will make it harder to see into your vehicle, helping to protect you and your contents from outside eyes.  

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