If you love your Tesla Model X but could do without the chrome accents the manufacturer uses for its cars, then there’s a simple and affordable way to change the look of the vehicle: use chrome delete wrap applied by Window Tint Z. Teslas are gorgeous cars, and the Tesla Model X in particular looks great in the color white. But the chrome on the doors, grill, and rear of the vehicle give a slightly dated look to this decidedly modern car.

White Tesla Chrome Delete

Tesla Chrome Delete Cost

Don’t worry about Tesla chrome delete wrapping costs; the materials and the installation are much more affordable than you probably expect, yet the wrap will last for many years. Call Window Tint Z to discuss your Tesla chrome delete wrap needs or stop by the shop. We will be glad to give you a no-obligation price estimate.

Tesla Model X Blackout

Tesla Chrome Blackout

Chrome blackout wrap for Teslas is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to update the appearance of these cars, making them look as sleek and modern as they deserve to. Many white Tesla Model X drivers use chrome blackout wrap to create a gorgeous contrast between the white body and the black trim.
Tesla Door Handle Wrap

Tesla Chrome Delete

If you’re not happy with the chrome accents on your Tesla, just delete them using blackout wrap. We can have the process completed quickly, so you won’t be left without your prized all-electric ride for long.

Tesla Chrome Delete Cost

Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete

We have applied chrome delete wrap to numerous Tesla cars including the Model x and the Model 3. Chrome delete wrap enhances the aesthetic appeal of all Tesla cars, but of course it can always be easily removed again should you want to revert to the original chrome accents for personal preference reasons or prior to a sale.

Tesla Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete Wrap for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

We often do chrome deletes for Teslas, but of course we also apply this stylish blackout wrap to all sorts of other makes and models of vehicle, including everything from full-sized SUVs to sports cars to motorcycles and more.Tesla Chrome Blackout