Patented in 1998, the Huper Optik German application of nano-ceramic technology use for car tinting revolutionized the auto tinting market. Typical metal-based tints can obstruct signal strength of electronics, causing radio signals, cell phones, and GPS to be disrupted. By eliminating the need for metallic materials in the tint, ceramic did away with the risk of technological interference.

The Huper Optik’s their atomic-fine, patented technology, they have exclusive access to the top grade ceramic materials available. As innovators on the window tinting landscape, Huper Optik has been able to even further advance their original recipe for tinting success, and the result is one of the most durable, refined, and high-performance tints out there.

While many competitors have attempted to replicate the performance of Huper Optik’s ceramic series, none can achieve the same standard due to Huper Optik’s exclusive access to the highest grade ceramic on the market. Huper Optik’s nano-ceramic technology offers high optical characteristics and lower reflectivity while other brands present hazy vistas and higher reflectivity, resulting in less clarity and less protection for the driver.

With Huper Optik’s ceramic, you’ll achieve 70% total solar energy rejection, blockage of 99.9% of harmful UV rays, and a product guaranteed to never discolor. The result is an improved internal climate which requires less fuel to stay comfortable, better optics, and protection for the driver as well as the interior of the vehicle from the damaging effects of sun exposure. And the Huper Optik ceramic line provides a classic European aesthetic to compliment the facade of your vehicle.

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