More and more drivers in Southern California are turning to vinyl vehicle wraps to improve the look of their cars, adding personal style and customization the likes of which auto paint could never achieve. With a full color wrap Los Angeles drivers can show off their love for the Dodgers with just the right shade of blue or go for the glitz with a high shine chrome finish. San Diego motorists can use car paint wraps to turn their vehicle into any color in the rainbow while also knowing it will be protected from the damaging effects of exposure to UV sunlight and corrosive salty air blowing in off the Pacific Ocean.

In short, vehicle vinyl color wraps can make your car look great and can protect its underlying paint job at the same time. And they do that while usually costing significantly less than a new paint job, too. If you could buy a shirt that helped you look great while also protecting your body from the elements, you’d do it, right? Well, your vehicle deserves the same.

Car color change wraps are usually at least 3.5 mil thick, so while they are thin enough to adhere smoothly and seamlessly to your car’s many angles and curves, these vinyl films also offer protection against the cosmetic damage that can be caused by flying road debris, brushes against bushes or trees, and other common issues cars face.

While the protection vehicle film wraps offer your ride is welcome, it’s a secondary benefit. The real beauty of color change wrapping is the beautifying of your vehicle. Vinyl paint wraps come in more shades of color than most people can name, and they are available in dozens of patterns, as well, including checkered, animal prints, camouflage, and much more. And every color or pattern offers multiple looks thanks to the variety of finishes these films come in. You can opt for a refined satin exterior, a mysterious matte finish, a confident high shine exterior, or a futuristic carbon fiber or brushed metal look for your car.

If you want your car to stand out on the freeways of Southern California color change wrap is the way to go. The next time a car catches your eye as it passes you on the 5 or the 101 or as it rolls down Sunset Boulevard, look closely and you might well see a car that is coated in vehicle color change film.

You could always opt for a brand new paint job if you want to change the look of your car, truck, or SUV, but you’re going to pay a pretty penny for it, and you’re limited by the colors available at your local auto body shop. And paint can never create the variety of finishes and patterns (and even textures) that can be created with wrap films.

And unlike that auto paint job, a new full color wrap job can be completely removed at minimal expense. If you should ever decide you’re no longer happy with the paint color of your vehicle, you have to get the car repainted to make a change. If you eventually decide you’re done with a vinyl vehicle wrap, you can simply have the film removed to restore the vehicle to its original state. So even if a high quality vinyl wrap job saves only a bit of cash on the installation side, the fact that it’s only as permanent as you wish is a major benefit later down the road.