If you live in Houston, you’re no stranger to the scorching temperatures that can pop up year-round. Whether you’ve noticed heat building up in your home, are enduring that dread that comes with sitting on scalding hot car seat, are tired of breaking a sweat while working in the office, or can’t seem to keep the interior of your boat at a comfortable temperature, you may want to consider window tinting as an option.

So what can you achieve with a top tier solar window tint?

Residential Window Tint: With a choice home tint, you can reduce heat and heat-related costs, keep heat insulated in cooler months, block out harmful UV-rays to protect yourself as well as your interior from the damaging effects of unfiltered sunlight, increase privacy by darkening the facade from the exterior without sacrificing interior brightness, and strengthen windows to prevent them from breaking.

Window Film Houston TX - Home Tint Installation
Window Film Houston TX – Home Tint Installation

Commercial Window Film: Cut glare and UV-rays to improve optics and protect from dangerous ultraviolet light without depreciating the brightness, will make the internal climate more comfortable without requiring excessive energy to cool, can increase privacy for you and your employees, and will reinforce the strength of the windows in the case of attempted theft or incidence. Tints can be applied in a variety of styles, including frosted, perforated, storefront, or with a logo.

Automotive Window Tint: Improve driver optics, increase privacy with added reflectivity, prevent heat build-up by restricting solar energy entry, protect the driver and passengers from damaging sunlight, prevent premature aging of your vehicle’s interior, and reinforce windows against theft attempts of harmful weather conditions.

Window Film Houston TX - Automotive Tint Installation
Window Film Houston TX – Automotive Tint Installation
Window Film Houston TX - Car Tint Installation
Window Film Houston TX – Car Tint Installation

Marine Solar Window Film: Lessen eye fatigue, improve vision and safety, reduce glare and eyestrain, increase durability against shattering for greater safety, reduce heat by blocking up to 98% infrared rays and 99.9% UV rays for better comfort and protection from causing-causing rays that can also fade and damage your rubber, wood, and electronics.

What tinting task are you up for? Contact us for a consultation to better understand your options as well as the immense benefits of tinting technology!