The Acura TSX is known as a quality vehicle, classified as a medium-sized luxury car. It already is a nice-looking vehicle, with the rear spoiler on this model, and some fine lines and details all around the body.

In some early parts of this video you can see right through the interior — offering little privacy nor protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Watch as it progresses and the windows are improved with a nice, dark tint of a high-quality window tint. Window Tintz typically applies very high-quality window tint film like those from LLumar or Huper Optik.

Note the extreme attention to detail by the Window Tintz technicians. Their care and attention means a truly professional installation that ensures a long-lasting adherence that will prevent bubbling or peeling. Too often we see bubbles, peeling or other flaws in car window tinting caused by inferior window tint film, poor installation practices, or a combination of both.

Extreme care on the edges, and with cutting and placement, ensure a great end result. At the end, the really dark shading — it looks like a 5-percent “limo” tint on the rear windows — helps cool the insides while making the outside look awesome.

Then there’s the quality window tint film. The Huper Optik and LLumar products retain their color longer than more inferior tint products, not fading over time, among many desirable qualities. Window Tintz insists on using the highest-quality tints; our customers rely on them.

Besides the aesthetic improvement to the exterior appearance, inside the driver and passengers will receive 99.9-percent protection from the sun’s UV rays and infrared rays. The car’s owner will appreciate long-term savings in energy consumption as the air conditioning system will be used less often.

Acura is Honda’s luxury car brand, and the TSX has been quite popular since its introduction in 2003. Production on the TSX model ended in 2014, and Honda replaced it with the Acura TLX sedan. Among numerous awards and recognition, the Acura TSX was the Car of the Year honoree by Wheels magazine in 2008.