Tired of spending long hours in traffic with the sun hitting you straight through the front windshield? Here at Window Tintz we have the solution for you: a clear nano ceramic window film that will reject 99.9-percent of ultraviolet rays (UV Rays) and up to 70 percent of the heat. This Audi S4 has it installed on the front windshield and also a 15-percent shade of LLumar CTX Nano Ceramic all around the vehicle.

The video below shows a very classy car, given extra loving care by our excellent technicians. You can see their attention to detail, and how they love their work. The end result is a truly tremendous vehicle, made remarkable with the improved windows.

Below shows the power of the front-window tint. Whereas before the driver and passengers were vulnerable to harm from UV rays and infrared rays, plus potential damage to their eyes, now they can feel safe that they are protected with the high-performance ceramic film. While the window tint film on the front window is considered clear, it still amazingly retains its protective qualities.

Audi S4 Window TIntz LA
Audi S4 Ceramic Window Tint Film
Audi S4 Window Tintz LA
Audi S4 Window Tint – LLumar Ceramic Window Film

Below is a good view of the rear-window shading, not a full “limo tint” but enough darkening to help cool the interior and provide a bit of privacy. Adding darkened window tints to cars can provide long-term savings in energy consumption, because the air conditioning unit is used less often.

Audi S4 Window Tint Los Angeles
Audi S4 Window Tint Los Angeles
Audi S4 Window Tint LA
Audi S4 Window Tint Los Angeles

The side view provides a glimpse of the aesthetic improvement on the exterior appearance. The window tint adds a bit of style and sportiness to this luxury sedan vehicle. The high-quality nano ceramic film also acts to reflect light, adding a bit more “bling” to the exterior appearance. A benefit of ceramic film is it won’t interfere with wireless or radio waves used in a lot of cars these days, for technology like satellite radio or keyless entry.

Audi S4 Llumar Window Tint LA
Audi S4 LLumar Window Tint Los Angeles