Maybe it’s just us, but you can’t go wrong with a limo tint! The owner of this BMW 335i was as bold as the car, choosing the darkest window tint shade possible for his sample of German automotive excellence.

Some of our technicians are really keen on how the 5-percent shade window tint looks on black cars. The LLumar Ultimate Performance CTX window film is known for its ability to protect the owner, the car’s passengers and its interior from long-term exposure to the sun. An added benefit is how the window tint film boosts privacy.

The CTX Series by LLumar is known as nano-ceramic, which provides exceptional protection from the sun while still letting electronic gadgets common to luxury cars today operate normally. That is, the ceramic qualities do not interfere with wireless or radio waves used for things like satellite radio or keyless entry. Performance-wise the CTX provides elite heat rejection, significantly reduced glare and ultimate protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The top video below shows the Window Tintz technicians carefully at work. Bonus: We had a cute little guest during this tint; watch the video!

The following photos show more of the Window Tintz professionals smoothing and heating the vinyl window tint film to ensure long-lasting adherence free of peeling and bubbles. Too many window tint jobs in the Los Angeles area are poorly done with bad-quality film, or shoddy installation practices, or both. We offer a lifetime warranty so our installations are done to last.


Below: The difference between the back window and the window to the right, the right-side door window, are obvious. You can hardly see any details through the professionally tinted back window; while the side window is not yet completely finished and you can see the red brick through it as clear as day.






The 335i, already known as a fast model that competes well with other sports cars in its class, looks even more sporty with the very darkened windows. The model has since been replaced by the BMW 340i, so you most likely won’t be seeing more 335i versions on Los Angeles roadways. If you see one with really darkened windows, it probably was this one.