Lets face it, you don’t want to put anything cheap on your car. A cheap window tint will damage your windows and eventually will fade, and bubbles inevitably will appear. With a quality window tint like the ones we offer you have a lifetime warranty and you not only get more privacy and a better aesthetic look, but you reject harmful ultraviolet rays and heat as well.

Especially if you drive a luxury car, or new-model sports car, you want high-quality film for your car window tinting. We work both with LLumar and Huper Optik, for us the two best tint brands in the world. Watch this video and see how this BMW X6 gets super-stylish with really dark windows, installed to perfection by our experienced, expert technicians:

This is an exceptional vehicle, made more so with the unique dark red body paint color. It’s not quite maroon, and definitely not magenta; it’s a unique dark-red coloring. Off the dealership lot this is car not like many more in the Los Angeles area. Give it the darker windows, though, and it most definitely is one of a kind.

Window Tintz technicians diligently care for details and follow the industry’s best installation practices. Much of the success of car window tint projects depends on the installation. Window Tintz offers a lifetime warranty.

A great shot of the added privacy provided by the really darkened back window. The BMX X6 with it’s hatchback sedan actually includes a 300-horsepower engine with a high-level control system for better driving. Now with the tinted windows the owner and her passengers will be even more comfortable, with a cooler interior and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Bmw x6 Window Tint Los Angeles
BMW X6 Window Tint Los Angeles

A Window Tintz technician goes over final details before cutting, arranging and placing a sheet of vinyl window tint film.

Bmw x6 Window Tint LA
BMW X6 Window Tint LA

End Result: A More Sporty, Stylish BMW x6


Bmw x6 Llumar Window Tint LA
BMW X6 LLumar Window Tint LA

Yet Another Happy Customer

Bmw x6 Window Tintz Los Angeles