This Chevrolet Cobalt is now sporting handsome LLumar window tint courtesy of the Los Angeles team from Window Tintz. And much like a new, crisp outfit can dress up a person, new window film has dramatically enhanced the aesthetic appeal of this vehicle.

LLumar window films have been around for more than a half-century, applied to provide protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The company’s films also improve driving comfort and style, and bolster privacy inside of vehicles. Added bonus for application to buildings: it is estimated that homeowners can save up to 40 percent on cooling costs, while commercial buildings can save up to 15 percent on energy, by having LLumar films applied to windows.

The LLumar window tint is engineered specifically to provide a high standard of performance. It is known for its color stability, quality, and durable scratch-resistant coating — a key consideration for those applying paint protection film onto vehicle paint jobs. LLumar offers a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The owner of this Chevrolet Cobalt was meticulous in choosing differing shades on the windows depending on the location. This can be pretty typical for those asking WindowTintz to install window tinting. Car owners know which areas of the car they most want protected — for instance, they often choose to block more sunlight coming in through the windshield, to protect the dashboard as well as the eyes of those in the front seats. The old days of simply choosing how “dark” to make all the car windows are gone; a lot of customization takes place today and WindowTintz is happy to help!

Chevrolet Cobalt WindowTintz LA
Notice how the tinted windows supplement the paint job and its color on this Chevrolet Cobalt, completed by WindowTintz LA. Aside from how it looks from the outside, inside the tinting protects the vehicle’s upholstery from drying and damage from the sun and excessive heat. Here in Los Angeles, heat is a mortal enemy for people who love their cars!
Chevrolet Cobalt Window Tint Los Angeles
This Chevrolet Cobalt was treated with window tint of varying shades on its side windows, rear glass, and windshield. In Los Angeles window film plays many roles: it adds privacy and style to a car, it reduces the solar heat that warms the interior of the vehicle, and it reduces the damage that UV light can do to a car’s dashboard and upholstery.
Chevrolet Cobalt Window Tint Llumar LA
The Chevy Cobalt gets its LLumar window tint installed at our LA facility. Notice how our experienced and trained installer gets up close and personal with the work — details are critically important for window tinting.
Chevrolet Cobalt Window TInt LA
The Chevrolet Cobalt, now with window tint and almost ready for the streets of the Greater Los Angeles area.