If you really care about your car, you should consider doing a quality window tint. Our professionals have more than 10 years of experience in the sector and we only use top-quality window tint film brands like LLumar and Huper Optik. We offer lifetime warranty in all our products, taking great care during the installation process. Window Tintz installs to last!

Notice at the beginning of this video how you can see right through this muscle car. There is little to no privacy or protection.

Then compare that with the end — a result that clearly indicates the power of tinting car windows. The car’s exterior looks better, with a more stylish and sporty look. Inside there is a lot more protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are damaging to people as well as the car’s upholstery. Tinting the windows protects the long-term value of your vehicle. And using high-quality window tint film ensure the longest-lasting protection possible.


You can see right through, front to back. Note the Window Tintz professional measuring up to get to work on improvements. Measuring, cutting, placing, securing — the window tint installation process commands the meticulous attention that Window Tintz professionals provide. They engage the industry’s best practices, and have learned several tricks of the trade over the years.

Dodge Challenger Window Tint LA
Dodge Challenger Window Tint LA


More style, more sportiness, even some mystery with all the privacy that the darkened windows provide.

Dodge Challenger Window Tint Los Angeles
Dodge Challenger Window Tint Los Angeles

From behind now all you can make out are silhouettes of the tops of the front seats. Dark window tint shades really improve privacy inside a vehicle. Long-term, the car’s owner will appreciate savings in energy consumption as the air conditioning system will be used less often. This is important in the sunny Greater Los Angeles area where UV rays constantly bear down upon us.

Dodge Challenger Window Tint Llumar LA
Dodge Challenger Window Tint LLumar LA