It’s kind of a beautiful cycle at play right here, so bear with us for a moment and picture it. A Tesla uses electricity as its power, thus making it one of the cleanest and most efficient vehicles on the road. The sun is, of course, the ultimate source of power, but it’s also a source of heat that can cause a Tesla driver to crank up the AC, which consumes a lot of the car’s battery power and reduces its range. But with window tint like the Pinnacle ceramic window film our Orlando car tint shop recently applied to this Tesla Model S much less solar heat gets into the cabin, meaning much less need for AC and hence saved battery power.

So ironically, by blocking the sun’s heat car window tint uses less of the very power the sun can generate in the form of solar energy.

Also, the dark tint we applied to this Tesla just happens to look really cool.

Window Tint Adds Style and Privacy

The dark nano ceramic window tint we applied to this Tesla Model S increases the privacy of the driver and passengers and complements the black exterior. And it will continue to add privacy and style indefinitely. Ceramic car window tint does not fade or discolor or bubble even after years of driving.