We finished window tinting this Kia Optima with the LLumar Enhanced Style ATC window tint product — and our client Pedro couldn’t have been happier with his new window tint. This dyed tint product is geared more for its decorative qualities, though it also is designed to last. Car owners can select from several charcoal shading tones, and whichever is selected is sure to help protect you and your vehicle from potential damages from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays). This is imperative in the Los Angeles area, where the sun shines nearly year-round.

The LLumar Enhanced Style ATC film lets in only 5 percent of light transmit through it, and rejects an estimated 47 percent of heat coming in. Perhaps most importantly it offers 99-percent protection from UV rays, and reduces glare by 94 percent — helping both the driver and the car’s passengers. To get an idea of the difference between professionally tinted windows compared with factory shading, compare some of the darker windows in this video with the unimproved ones you can see right through:

Among many benefits of a custom window tint job is additional privacy inside your vehicle. No longer can strangers let their curiosity run amok when they can see items inside the car. The dark shade also protects the upholstery from drying and cracking under long-term sunlight, protecting the vehicle’s long-term re-sale value.

Below: the mid-size sedan no longer looks like a simple people-hauler. The tinted windows add an element of sportiness, style and mystery. It’s hard to believe we’ve been seeing Kia Optimas on Los Angeles area roads and highways since 2000. Seems only yesterday that the South Korean auto maker introduced the alternative to the Japanese gas-saving sedans that were becoming increasingly popular with Americans at the turn of the century.

window-tintz-los-angeles kia-window-tint-los-angeles kia-optima-window-tint-los-angeles

Window Tintz technicians are detailed and thorough when it comes to window tint installation. Window Tintz offers a lifetime warranty, and our clients expect clean, long-lasting adhesion for the tinted windows on their cars. Extra care is taken to apply techniques to prevent peeling from the edges, and especially the bubbling that no one wants to see on tinted windows.