Should I Tint My Subaru WRX?

This is the question a customer recently asked when he brought his Subaru WRX into our shop in Orlando. Window tint for cars is always a good idea, so we said “Absolutely!” But we didn’t stop there, of course. Our techs explained in detail why window tint for a Subaru WRX or for any other car, truck or SUV on the roads of Orlando just makes good sense.

White 2019 Subaru WRX Window Tint
Best Subaru WRX Window Tint

Window Tint for Cars in Orlando Blocks the Heat

This Subaru WRX owner had the right idea when he went with a white paint color for his car; white paint helps reject some of the solar heat that’s so intense in Central Florida. But the car’s glass windows and windshield were still letting in way too much solar energy! So we applied a window tint that bounces off much of the hot infrared light responsible for warming up the cabin of a car. Now the Subaru will stay cooler whether parked in the sun, cruising down the road, or even parked in the shade: infrared light bounces around and causes warming even on cloudy days or when it only reaches a vehicle indirectly.

White 2019 Subaru WRX Window Tint
Subaru Ceramic Window Tint

UV Blocking with Window Tints on Your Subaru WRX

Before we applied window film for this Subaru, Orlando’s relentless sunshine threatened to wreak havoc on the interior of this WRX. Sunlight’s UV rays can cause fading and cracking to vehicle upholstery and hardware that makes the car look older and shabbier and that drastically reduces resale value. The car window tint we applied in Orlando will pay for itself in no time in terms of saving this vehicle owner money in repairs and in helping the car retain resale worth, too.

White 2019 Subaru WRX Window Tint
Heat Blocking Tint for Subaru WRX

Window Tint: the Quick and Easy Solution

Our Orlando car window film shop can complete most window tint for car installations in a single day, so you can be enjoying a car that works and looks better than ever faster than you’ll believe. So call us up or come in today and upgrade your ride just like the owner of this Subaru WRX did.

White 2019 Subaru WRX Window Tint
UV Window Tint Subaru WRX Orlando, FL