Well over 100 years ago, Henry Ford founded the emblematic brand of Ford Vehicles, which represents America around the world. It continues to this day. On Jan. 2, 2017, americanthinker.com wrote that once Donald Trump assumes the presidency, “in keeping with his ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign slogan, it will be appropriate to provide constant visual and inspirational reminders.” Among the eight people listed, which included James Madison and Lou Gehrig, was “Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, representing American industrial strength.

Here at Window Tintz we proudly limo window-tinted this Ford Focus, an embodiment of the Ford brand as it was introduced to attract younger buyers, and ultimately proved its staying power due to its good fuel economy and even decent showings in rallies and touring car series. What can go wrong with a limo tint — the darkest window tint shade offered by most tint film manufacturers — especially on a newer model? We applied the high-quality LLumar Enhanced Style ATC film, with a 5-percent shade. The 5 percent means only that much light will penetrate — like the dark, dark windows you see on limousines.

And we don’t merely apply window tint. Our trained and expert technicians professionally install window tinting to ensure only the longest-lasting adhesion possible. These two videos capture their work wonderfully, and also at the very end show an exceptional end result: the bright white of the Focus paint job offset by the really dark windows. We think it looks pretty sharp; take a look for yourself:

The End Result: Limo Tint on a Ford Focus

This is a really nice auto window tint performance. The aim was to protect the car’s interior while improving privacy for the owner/driver and passengers inside, and from this rear view that much is evident. It will be really difficult for someone outside the car to clearly see what’s inside.

Ford Window Tint Llumar LA
Ford Window Tint LLumar LA

Yet Another Happy Customer

Ford Focus Window Tint Los Angeles
Ford Focus Window Tint Los Angeles

How did we get there? Below, more shots of the Window Tintz technicians in action. They skillfully cut the LLumar product, hold it in place using soapy suds so adjustments can be made, then trim it more to fit properly, and then lightly squeegee it in place to remove air bubbles and other potential imperfections. Ultimately hot air is applied to the edges to perfect the adhesion and avoid peeling from the edges, followed by detailed cleaning and inspection. We offer a lifetime warranty.

This owner’s Ford Focus now looks cooler, and will be cooler inside as the sun’s ultraviolet rays are blocked, and he will save in energy consumption because the air conditioner can be left alone more often. A win-win-win all the way around.

Ford Focus Window Tint LA
Ford Focus Window Tint LA
Ford Focus Llumar Window Tint LA
Ford Focus LLumar Window Tint LA