You can’t go wrong with LLumar window films. Not only will you have more privacy inside, but all the harmful UV rays will be blocked and up to 70 percent of heat trying to invade your interior will be rejected. That’s definitely a big deal here in sunny California and an element that many car owners cite when they roll onto our lot. “My husband and I agree, we are a LLumar family now for all vehicles. Our comfort, skin protection, and stylish rides all deserve the very best!” wrote about her experience with LLumar in hot Florida.

This Ford Mustang had LLumar CTX Nano Ceramic installed, with a 15-percent shade on the rear and 30 percent on the front windows. The 15 percent means only that much light can penetrate into the interior. Nano Ceramic is a very high-performance window tint film that provides superior protection as well as another benefit: it interferes less with wireless and radio waves. The ceramic product is a great choice for all you fans of satellite radio, keyless entry or other modern technologies that car owners use today.

The Ford Mustang is a beautiful car, and American icon, really. The Window Tintz technicians knew they wanted to provide the best, clean professional window tint job possible. Check out their attention to detail in this video. We offer a lifetime warranty.

The well-known three-bar taillights of the Mustang — returned to newer models after years of absence.


Below, a nice shot showing the elongated curved hood of the Mustang — along with how the darkened windows blend nicely with the black body paint.


This shot, below, really conveys the sporty nature of this historic sports car. The really dark window tint shade offers a lot more privacy inside, and for the exterior appearance adds a sleek element and a touch of mystery. This fastback now differs from other Mustang models that year, providing protection from the sun’s rays and a savings in energy consumption now that the owner does not have to engage the air conditioning as often.