This Honda Accord Sport 2017 rolled onto the Window Tintz lot with a rather unique body paint job. It was not quite black, but it was about as dark a smoke color as you could get. With window tinting jobs you like to work with owners to meet all their needs, whether it’s added protection to the car’s interior, a cooler ride inside, to make the car look more cool to passersby, etc.

So for this owner, we suggested then instatlled the LLumar Nano Ceramic window tint film, a very high-quality film with superior heat-deflection qualities. It will block 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UR rays) which are known to cause skin cancer and can also cause damage to the eyes among other troubles. Ultraviolet rays also really dry out interior components of a vehicle, and blocking them is a good long-term investment toward the ultimate re-sale value of the car.

For the front windows (not including the windshield) the owner went with a 30-percent shade; for the rear windows, 15 percent. This means the rear windows are darker and offer a bit more protection, because the 15 in 15 percent means only that amount of light will penetrate.

Honda Window Tint Los Angeles
Honda Window Tint Los Angeles

Aside from the performance matters, the LLumar Nano Ceramic film just looks darn good on vehicles, especially newer models with all their shine. The ceramic film utilizes advanced technology that results in longer-lasting film as well as a coating that is less likely to interfere with signals such as from mobile phones or satellite radio.

Honda Accord Window Tint Llumar LA
Honda Accord Window Tint LLumar LA

Below: a decent look at the body color challenges we noted earlier. Sometimes it’s wise to really work with a car owner to ensure not only the right tint shade, but color, as window tints come in many colors these days. We think the end result on this Honda Accord were exceptional; the darker windows seem to match pretty well with the body paint color, an almost seamless match.

Honda Accord Llumar Los Angeles
Honda Accord LLumar Los Angeles