Window tinting your car provides benefits that extend well beyond aesthetics. We work with LLumar and Huper Optik, the best brands available for window tint film. They both offer more than 99.9-percent ultraviolet (UV) protection, and excellent glare reduction, heat reduction, privacy elements. Their films protect the interior of your car from fading, drying and cracking — protecting the long-term and potential re-sale value of your vehicle. There are almost too many window tint benefits to list, including lowering your energy consumption because the air conditioning system will have to be used less often.

On top of all that, there always is the aesthetic improvement: compare how this Honda Fit looked at the start of this video compared with the end:

Meticulous Window Tint Installation

The Window Tintz technicians are extremely detailed when it comes to the installation process. They are aware of the importance of measuring, cutting, placing and adhering each piece of vinyl window tint film to each car window. As Window Tintz offers a lifetime warranty, our team wants to ensure the longest-lasting look and adherence possible.

End Result: Window Tint for More Protection, Privacy

The shot below is an excellent indication of the reflective powers of this window tint film. You can’t see any details of the insides — and the film actually reflects to capture the Window Tintz team members nearby. This window tint shade will keep the car’s interior cooler, which makes for a more pleasant ride as well as saves energy by keeping the air conditioning off.

Honda Window Tintz Los Angeles
Honda Window Tintz Los Angeles

How It Got There: Window Tintz Technicians In Action

Placing window tint on cars is not always easy. Luckily our technicians are very experienced and engage industry-best practices to avoid the bubbling or peeling you see too often on car window tinting in Los Angeles.

Honda FIT Window Tint Los Angeles
Honda Fit Window Tint Los Angeles

Below: Great shots to compare the impact of window tinting. Notice the difference between the two front door windows. The darker shade will make a world of difference during one of the many days when the sun shines greatly in the Greater Los Angeles area. Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are known to cause skin cancer, and can keep your vehicle’s insides uncomfortably hot if not addressed.

Honda FIT Window Tint LA
Honda Fit Window Tint LA
Honda Car Window Tint LA
Honda Car Window Tint LA