We are extremely proud of the window tint the Window Tintz team provided for this Kia Optima, using LLumar lifetime warranty film. We applied a 5-percent shade on the rear — meaning only that much light can penetrate into the interior — and 30 percent on the front providing the mid-size sedan with a classy, more sporty look.

Notice in the first video here the extreme care our technician applied to the installation, ensuring a long-lasting adherence and no peeling or bubbles. Window Tintz offers a lifetime warranty.

Window Tinting to Add Privacy Inside Your Car

In the next video, focus on trying to look inside. Clearly the dark tint shade selected by the owner will provide a lot more privacy inside.

Below is another look at the very detailed work of the technician, and the really darkened side windows. And that’s a shade that still lets in about 30 percent of light. In the back, the 5-percent shade is also known as the “limo” shade, because of course it is typically the near-blackout window tint shade used on limousines. It is the darkest shade offered for the LLumar line.

From Simple Vinyl Sheet to … an Excellent Window Tint Job

Kia Optima Window Tint Los Angeles
Kia Optima Window Tint Los Angeles
Kia Optima Window Tint LA
Kia Optima Window Tint LA

Final Product: A More Classy, Sleek, Sporty Exterior

Let’s face it. There is more than one Kia Optima out on Los Angeles roads and highways. However this model now sticks out with its ultra-dark windows, providing a wide stripe of contrast to the body paint job and even helping emphasize the neat shapes of the side windows.

Inside, the interior will be cooler thanks to the LLumar film’s sun-blocking ability. This product provides more than 99-percent protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause skin cancer. Additionally in the long run the owner will enjoy savings in energy as the air conditioning system does not have to be engaged as much. Adding professional window tinting provides a list of benefits, especially in sunny Southern California where the sun can be both our friend and enemy.

Kia Llumar Window Tint Los Angeles
Kia LLumar Window Tint Los Angeles