For this Kia Optima we recommended and then installed the LLumar Enhanced Style ATC window tint film, with a 5-percent “limo tint” shading on the rear windows and 15 percent for the front. In window tint shading terms, the lower the percentage number (e.g. “5 percent”) the darker the shade and the more protection and privacy offered. So this owner wanted the most shading possible on the front side windows — it’s the shade preferred for limousines for maximum privacy.

Going with a slightly lighter shade for the front side windows is pretty typical, still providing privacy and protection while allowing just a little bit more visibility from the inside-out. Many car owners appreciate that not just for the driver but for passengers as well.


In this video, notice when the car first gets rolled into the garage, how you can see right through it. After painstakingly detailed work by Window Tintz technicians, the car rolls out after a somewhat metamorphosis, with the darker windows providing a more stylish, sporty Kia. It’s important to point out the detailed work of our technicians, whose careful measuring, cutting, squeegeeing, placing and heating ensures the longest lasting adhesion possible. We offer a lifetime warranty.

The LLumar Enhanced Style ATC is a wonderful product that offers more than 99 percent protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Exposure to UV rays is said to be the leading cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging. Besides, they are annoying and sometimes harmful to the eyes when you’re sitting in a car.

This particular shade of this film will reject an estimated 44 percent of total solar energy. The bottom line is it reduces heat and glare inside the vehicle, and increases the comfort for you and your passengers. This owner will appreciate the long-term benefit of energy savings because the air conditioning unit will be used less often. The dark-shaded LLumar ATC product will provide an 80-percent reduction in glare, important in the Los Angeles area where the sun shines so very often.