We can only think in benefits of window tinting your car with a high-quality window film like LLumar or Huper Optik. Installed properly, window tinting can add so much to your vehicle, including but not limited to:

  • Heat Rejection
  • Harmful UV Rays Rejection
  • Reduce Glare
  • More Privacy
  • Protect the interior of your car from aging
  • Energy consumption savings – less use of air conditioning
  • Safety during collisions due to film holding glass together
  • Cool, stylish and/or sporty exterior appearance

Check out this Window Tintz job on a Lexus GS 350. The luxury sedan  had virtually no privacy at the start of the following video. Watch as it’s transformed with the dark vinyl window tint film. By the end you can clearly see the difference. The darker windows actually go really well with the dark body paint, blending seamlessly to add style and a touch of mystery.

Window Tinting from a Style Perspective

When you drive a car like a Lexus, you look pretty good from the start. But no Lexus owner wants to look like everyone else. There are so many unique details to this model, such as the hourglass-shaped grill, or pointed lines beneath the headlamps, that leaving factory-tinted windows is ill-advised.

Lexus GS350 Window Tintz LA
Lexus GS350 Window Tintz LA

Below, note how the really dark window tint shade provides a lot of privacy from the rear. The dark tone also goes really well with the body paint color. Love the narrowing taillights style with this particular model. Gives it a rather mean look, accented by the dark windows.

Lexus GS350 Window Tint Los Angeles
Lexus GS350 Window Tint Los Angeles

Window Tintz professional technicians work with vehicle owners to ensure they get exactly what they want and need from window tinting. The Lexus GS 350 debuted only in 2013 so there aren’t too many on Los Angeles area roadways — and certainly few that look like this. Personalizing a new car with tinted windows adds your own style, and also offers benefits that factory tint cannot, like more privacy and protection from harmful sun rays.

Lexus GS350 Window Tint LA
Lexus GS350 Window Tint LA