The Mercedes AMG GT is a truly awesome vehicle — and that’s not an overstatement. Just look at the body, styling, and so many details you never get tired of looking at all angles. The hatchback area, and it’s enormous nearly-flat window, are impressive on their own. And check out the snippet of the steering wheel and dashboard. Wow. Add to all that 456 to 503 in horsepower from a typically powerful Benz engine, and you have a new-car price tag well exceeding six figures.

It needed a superior window tint job, so we recommended and then installed the LLumar CTX Ceramic window tint film, at a 5-percent shade on the rear and front windows, and 50 percent on the front windshield. The 5-percent means only that amount of light will be able to penetrate into the interior; it’s called the “limo” tint because it’s the shade preferred on limousines for maximum privacy. Typically owners of high-end luxury vehicles like this Mercedes AMG GT prefer more privacy.

Using a ceramic film is attractive these days when so many newfangled technological gadgets are installed into cars, like satellite radio, keyless entry, GPS, mobile phones, all kinds of things to automate and make driving easier. Ceramic film interferes less with wireless and radio frequencies than other types of window tint film. The LLumar CTX Ceramic film provides superior heat rejection, and offers a very high heat resistance to ensure a cooler car interior.

A big element of this tint job is how well the very dark shade goes with all the black trim around the body. Darkening the windows — even the windshield at 50 percent — added a strip of darkness to break up and emphasize the yellow body paint job. Adding as much of a sporty element is important here — the GT is Mercedes’ effort to compete with the Porsche 911.

In this, one of our more detailed videos, note how many specific techniques our skilled technicians applied — everything from expert measuring and cutting to using soapy suds and a squeegee, and even applying heat to ensure the best adherence, and more. The Window Tintz applies the industry’s best practices toward it’s fine window tint installations, ensuring the longest-lasting adherence possible. We back up our work with a lifetime warranty.


Notice how you can see right through the side and rear windows. The Mercedes still looks good overall — but wait until the windows are improved!

Mercedes AMG GT Window TIntz Los Angeles
Mercedes AMG GT Window Tintz Los Angeles
Mercedes AMG GT Window Tint Los Angeles
Mercedes AMG GT Window Tint Los Angeles


Note how the darkened windows pull out the lines and trim elements of the body, as well as the stunning body paint color.

Mercedes AMG GT Window Tint LA
Mercedes AMG GT Window Tint LA
Mercedes AMG GT Llumar Los Angeles
Mercedes AMG GT LLumar Los Angeles

Above, a good look at a limo-tinted rear window. Below, a still photo of that steering wheel and dashboard area. As we said above, wow.

Mercedes AMG GT Llumar Ceramic LA
Mercedes AMG GT LLumar Ceramic LA
AMG GT Window TInt Los Angeles
AMG GT Window Tint Los Angeles