Although a window tint does a pretty good job of protecting your upholstery, it will eventually wear out. When that time comes, you have to remove the tint and replace it with a new one. At this point, you’ll most likely search for “window tint near me” in Google for an auto glass tinting near me near Geneva FL.

However, in case that you want to be thrifty, you can always learn how to remove the tint by yourself. Car window tinting prices near me around Geneva FL can be a bit costly. There is also cheap auto window tinting near Geneva FL. However, wouldn’t it be better to spend nothing for tint removal?

After all, you will already be spending enough money on the cost to tint truck windows in Geneva FL. Here is how you do it.

DIY Tint Removal

First thing’s first. You have to dissolve the adhesive so that the tints will not cause damage on the glass surface. Mobile tint service near me in Geneva FL from your “window tint near me” search has the equipment to remove the tint. In your case, you need to be a bit resourceful.

To do that you only have to mix mild soap and water.  As soon as the solution is mixed, apply the mild soap to the windows. Stick wallpapers on the mixture and leave it there for about an hour.

Once the period has passed, apply the mixture again, and then use a sharp knife to peel off the edges carefully. Of course, you can’t peel off the entire tint right away. Use a hairdryer to complete the removal process. Point the dryer in simultaneous directions.

Just be careful not to overheat the tint since it can cause the tint to burst. Once the tint is heated, you can peel the tint, and it will come off.

Once the tint has come off, it is time for you to clean the tint. You may use mild soap and water, and then combine it with ammonia. Ammonia is used to remove the excess adhesive from the windows. Before wiping your windows, make sure to remove whatever is left of the ammonia since it can keep your tint from attaching to the glass.

This “window tint near me” article should have already given you a good idea on how to conduct a do-it-yourself tint removal. However, if you think you are not capable of performing the task, you don’t have to make another “window tint near me” search. You may communicate the staff through the site’s contact us page to schedule an appointment with the company’s best tint removers.