After Googling “tint near me” and having your window films applied, here comes Rover. He’s lovable and all but drools all over the place including on your vehicle’s tinted windows. What do you do when your beloved dog drools on your tinted car windows?

Here is how your “tint near me” hunt can help you with your dog’s drooling:

1. Address the drooling.

Even before finding out how to clean your tinted windows installed by a good window tint around Maitland, FL, you need to understand why your dog drools in the car. Your dog may be suffering from motion or car sickness, tooth decay, mouth disease, or heat stroke. He can also be anxious or excited about something. Consider having him checked by a veterinarian to address physiological issues. Or get a trainer to help you acclimatize your dog to riding your car to help with his mental well-being.

2. Be like Flash. Clean drool fast.

When your dog tends to drool on your tinted windows, don’t wait long before cleaning the drool. Window film manufacturers in Maitland, FL, suggest that cleaning drool or any other dirt or foreign substance off tinted windows should be done immediately. This is to ensure that the tint film you had installed from the car tint shop stays clean all the time.  Drool can get baked onto the window film under extreme heat making it difficult to remove.

3. Assemble a drool cleaning kit.

The rear window tint in Maitland, FL, that you bought is not cheap. You need to be ready to protect the window film installed from your “tint near me” shop. Have a cleaning kit for your tinted windows in your car all the time. The cleaning kit should consist of an ammonia-free window cleaner or plain water in a spray bottle, and a high-quality lint-free cleaning towel or soft cloth.

4. Ask the experts.

Once the drool has set on your windows, car tinting cost in Maitland, FL, can be expensive if you need to have the windows redone. Call or visit the tint world near Maitland, FL, and ask the experts for the best and most cost-effective way to rectify the drool problem. Tint experts have heard and seen most, if not all, window tinting concerns. They can help you find a solution to your dog-drool-on-window predicament.

If you love having your dog in your car, you should always be ready to clean the drool from your tinted windows. The key is to wipe the drool as soon as possible before it gets baked on your car windows. Taking care of the tint film you had installed from a window film shop will ensure that it lasts a long time. So an extensive search of “tint near me” is necessary.