While some people remove their tint, that doesn’t imply that the tints weren’t of any use. It may be that they want to replace their tint with a new and better version. In this case, some of them may not want to settle for another “window tint near me” search to look for a professional who can aid them in discarding the tint.

Because not everyone knows how to do a DIY tint removal, they might as well proceed with a different “window tint near me” search to look for a professional tint remover before setting out to look for a place where to get windows tinted near me around Maitland FL. Everything boils down to cost. Having your tint removed so that you can replace it with another one is self-evidently expensive.

To ease your cost and prevent the scenario of having to look for the best auto window tinting near me in Maitland FL, in this “window tint near me” article are some tips on how to perform a do-it-yourself tint removal scheme.


It is essential that you don’t get too excited about removing the tint. Excess panel decorations can result in damage, which will primarily induce you to increase your expenses. Before conducting the actual tint removal, you must extract all decoration panels from your windows.

Mix Detergent

To expedite the removal of the tint, you should mix detergent with water and apply small doses on the windows. It is also vital to peel a small portion of the tint before doing so.

Heat It Up Using a Hairdryer

Turn the hairdryer to maximum temperature and point it directly towards the tint. Once the film has been heated, you should carefully start peeling it off starting from the detached section. You may use a sharp knife for a more efficient tint extraction, although you should be careful in doing so since you can damage the windows.

You may want to seek help from a friend or relative while performing the process. One key to take note of is that you shouldn’t allow the hairdryer to overheat the tint since it can lead to bursting.


You cannot peel off the entire tint even with the use of a sharp knife. Apply water and mild soap on the surface. Leave newspaper layers on the surface for about an hour. After an hour, reapply mild soap and water to the surface so that the tint will carefully peel off on its own. Once that’s done, it is time to look for places where to get car tinted near Maitland FL.

After reading this article, you should already have a basic idea on how to properly extract tint from a car. Regardless, you should still delve on “window tint near me” searches so that you can find where to get car windows tinted near me near Maitland FL. Hopefully, you will find professionals who are adept with window tint levels in Maitland FL.