Our client Ciara brought his Honda Civic for us to remove (and replace) her old window tint. What may seem like a simple job can get very complicated and even damage your windows if you don’t use the correct techniques. Here at Window Tintz we pride ourselves on having the best professionals in the sector. Your car will be in good hands with us!

Even in the trickiest of spaces, our experienced technicians ensure clean, professional installations aimed at lasting many years. The end result is an approved appearance, and added value, for your vehicle.

A Beautifying Process

The Honda Civic has been a popular car for many, many years. The compact car lies between the Fit and the mid-size Accord in the Honda hierarchy of models. While Honda is more known for its technological expertise and producing long-lasting engines that don’t eat fuel quickly, some of its models have evolved into quite beautiful pieces of property over the years.

The medium-range window tint shades and colors that Ciara chose provided a subtle improvement to the overall exterior appearance. Certainly overall the window tint will perform better than what she had, because Window Tintz uses high-quality window tint vinyl and our technicians are experts in the field.

In particular, the rear window came out nice, providing just enough shading to help cool off the interior while presenting at least an element of privacy protection.


Window Tintz Remove Tint

Honda Remove Tint

Honda Tint Removal

Honda Civic Tint

Behind the Scenes

A peek at what a car looks like mid-window tint job. Notice the soap involved, to allow placement of the vinyl film without its final adhesion taking place. It lets technicians slide the cut vinyl piece as needed, and in the end they simply squeegee the excess soap and bubbles out. The soap also amazingly holds the film in place temporarily, while the technicians make adjustments.

Honda Civic Window Tintz  Honda Civic Tint Removal

Another Happy Customer

Happy Customer Window Tintz