Our client Jessica drove all the way from Santa Barbara to our shop in the middle of Los Angeles, after visiting several window tint shops and not being convinced of the quality of the window film for her Scion tC.

Jessica choose LLumar ATC Enhanced Style for her two front windows with a 5-percent shade, as she already had the rear windows tinted. The 5-percent shade means only 5 percent of light penetrates through to the car’s interior. It’s known as the “limo” tint, or darkest shade possible. You can clearly see how darkly shaded the film is in this video:

Another Happy Customer

Window Tint Scion tC in Los Angeles

As with the video, this shot indicates the extreme care and attention Window Tintz technicians apply to their work. Sizing, cutting, adhering and touching up are vital elements toward a long-lasting, professional window tint. Too many window tint companies in Los Angeles cut corners or try to speed up the process, resulting in peeling edges or mass bubbling on tinted windows. We offer a lifetime warranty and want our window tints “applied to last.”

Scion TC Window Tint
Scion tC Window Tint

Above: On the door windows you can see the difference. On the left (the passenger-side window) you can see right through it to notice details well in the background. Through the film stuck to the window at right you can hardly see anything. Below: A truly professional, really dark window tint job. Jessica can now enjoy a cooler car interior, as well as protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and saved energy due to reduced air conditioning system use. Without a doubt the car’s interior is now more private, with the shading acting as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Her car also just looks better. Notice how the really dark windows contrast nicely against the car’s bright white paint. The “tC” in the model’s name stands for “touring coupe,” and one could only imagine touring around California or across the nation in this 2-door, now sporty-looking vehicle.

Scion TC Window Tint Los Angeles
Scion TC Window Tint Los Angeles