Subaru makes fine, mostly under-rated vehicles and the Subaru WRX is no exception. The sport sedan has been called a souped-up version of the Subaru Impreza, and it’s not such a bad connection. The new WRX is way sporty, with flared fenders, a hood scoop, all-wheel drive and a 2.0-liter engine pushing out 268 horsepower. This model also looks pretty cool inside, and we wanted to help make it as stylish and sporty as humanly possible all the way around.

We recommended and then had applied the LLumar Enhanced Style ATC window tint film, at a 5-percent shading in the front and rear. The 5-percent is the darkest shade most manufacturers produce, known as the “limo tint” because it is preferred for limousines for maximum privacy.

And privacy this Subaru owner got. Plus the expert installation practices of the experienced technicians at Window Tintz. Notice the extra care and attention they provide in this installation, heating edges to prevent peeling, carefully squeegeeing film to avoid bubbling, and more. Window Tintz offers a lifetime warranty.



Note how you can see right through the back window. (The driver’s side window already is tinted and you also can compare that with the front and rear windows).

Subary Sti Window Tint LA
Subaru Sti Window Tint LA


The 5-percent limo tint did its job, offering a considerable amount of privacy inside. Passengers also will appreciate the more than 99.9-percent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as heat-rejecting qualities of the LLumar window tint film. Overall the interior will be cooler, making for a more comfortable ride. On top of the car looking better from the outside and feeling better on the inside, the owner will appreciate savings in energy consumption because the air conditioning unit will be on less often.

Subaru Sti Window Tint Los Angeles
Subaru Sti Window Tint Los Angeles
Subaru Sti Llumar Los Angeles
Subaru Sti LLumar Los Angeles