If there’s one thing we like even more than making a customer’s day by completing a custom vehicle vine wrap job, it’s doing a car wrap for someone who is already on cloud nine after winning a free car in a giveaway contest. And that’s just what Window Tintz is doing for a lucky young lady named Laura who was the winner of the recent Vehicle Virgins Z4 giveaway contest.

OK, first let’s take a step back here. Who exactly gives away a BMW Z4, anyway? Well, Parker Nirenstein, the man behind the wildly popular Vehicle Virgins YouTube channel, website, and social media phenomenon. Parker is a diehard car guy if ever there was one. He has loved cars since his toddler days, and has been rebuilding engines since grade school. In fact, he took a college course on engine rebuilding while 11 years old. Then he went on to get a degree in mechanical engineering, too.

Parker launched Vehicle Virgins a number of years back as a platform to help young drivers (think high school kids and college students) find their perfect starter car. But as more and more people started following the brand, Vehicle Virgins grew from a first car finder service into an entity of its own. It’s part entertainment, part information, and all very much dedicated to awesome cars and awesome people.

Yes, in Parker’s Vehicle Virgins YouTube videos, it’s not uncommon to see him driving anything from a Lamborghini to a McLaren and everything in between. But unlike any YouTube car guys, Parker Nirenstein and his Vehicle Virgins brand are known for more than just showing off fancy cars, but also for genuine engagement with fans and followers. If Parker isn’t off acting the part of an Uber driver in a quarter-million dollar sports car, he’s making a helpful how-to video on driving a standard shift car. And sometimes he’s giving away a car to one of his fans. Yep, that’s right, now and then, he simply gives away cars.

This time around, the Vehicle Virgins car giveaway took things up a notch. Not only did the recent giveaway feature a BMW z4 in excellent condition, but it also came with a complete vinyl wrap job to be completed by none other than yours truly, us here at Window Tintz.

Parker stopped by our main Southern California location to talk about the Vehicle Virgins Z4 giveaway and to look at some of the potential vinyl wrap colors that could be applied to the car. While at our shop, he also made some great points about color wrap that we want to emphasize further. Arguably the  best thing about vehicle color wrap is that it looks amazing and lasts for years, but it’s also not necessarily permanent.  You can have vinyl wraps removed from your car and the underlying paint job will remain 100% intact and in the same condition as it was before the car was coated.

We’re sure that Laura, the winner of the Vehicle Virgins Z4, will be thrilled with whichever vinyl wrap she picks out for her new ride, and we’ll be sure to share images of the finished car with you when the job is done. For now, we here at Window Tintz are just happy to be working with Parker Nirenstein again. (We wrapped a Mercedes for him a little while back, complete with tinted windows and chrome accents.)

Keep in mind that vehicle wrap isn’t reserved for sports cars or for YouTube celebrities, though; vinyl vehicle wrap can be applied to any car, truck, or SUV and can make even older automobiles look brand new and exciting again. In other words, just because you didn’t win a Z4 like Laura, and a Z4 that we’re going to wrap as part of the prize, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome looking car courtesy of a Window Tintz wrap, and it won’t cost you as much as you might think, either. And while Parker and the team from Window Tintz may have only discussed four potential colors for the Vehicle Virgins Z4, also keep in mind that we can complete car color wrap in almost any color you can imagine, not to mention creating wraps with 100% custom graphics. With vinyl wrap for cars you can turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement, into the ultimate expression of your own personal style, or you can simply create new look for your car, nothing flashy or attention-grabbing about it, but for a much better price than a comparable new paint job would cost.