Window Tinting for Tesla Model S

As Tesla Model S cars have a base price of around $75,000 and sell for well over $135,000 when fully loaded with options and upgrades, spending a few hundred dollars more to protect your investment seems like a good idea to most Tesla owners. The large, smooth windshields and the side windows of the Tesla Model S afford excellent visibility for the driver and passengers, but all that glass also allows in lots of sunlight, potentially allowing for increased cabin temperatures and more fading and discoloring of the upholstery and dashboard over time. The factory window tint on a Tesla is rarely sufficient to block solar heat and prevent interior fading, so we recommend all Tesla Model S owners consider upgrading their window film. And the best upgraded window film for a Tesla Model S is a nano-ceramic tint installed by our expert technicians.

Ceramic Window Tint for Tesla Model S

Ceramic window tint is the best choice for a Tesla Model S for a simple reason: It is arguably the best variety window film for any vehicle, period. This type of window tint is created using films infused with billions of nanoscopic ceramic bits that, working in concert, can absorb, redirect, and reject a large portion of the sun’s infrared heat, keeping your Tesla much cooler and more comfortable and requiring less battery drain through reduced AC use. Teslas with ceramic tint will also be protected against a staggering 99% of the UV light that would otherwise enter the cabin and lead to fading and discoloring and that can cause skin damage over time. These tints also make your drive safer and more pleasant thanks to reduced glare that improves visibility and lessens driver fatigue.

Tesla Model S Front Windshield Tint

The large, smoothly sloping front windshield of a Tesla Model S gives a driver a great view of the road and the surroundings, but it also allows in lots of sunshine. This is also true of the panoramic roof option, a Model S configuration that is particularly susceptible to interior cabin heat and UV fading. That’s why we recommend a complete tint job using ceramic tint for Tesla Model S owners. While it’s customary with other cars to tint only the rear windshield and side windows, with a Tesla, the best driving experience and best preservation of vehicle value comes with a full window tint install.

Model S Window Tint Cost

The price of window tint for a Tesla Model S can run from only a few hundred dollars up to six, seven, or eight hundred and beyond depending on the exact version of Tesla Model S you drive and the type of window tint you choose. But we encourage our customers to think of Tesla window film not as an expense, but rather as an investment. When you apply window tint to your Model S, you are protecting the long term value of the car by preventing damage like faded furniture, discolored and cracked dashboards, and undue strain on the batteries and AC system. In time, your window tint will likely pay for itself thanks to all the benefits it affords your Model S, and you will appreciate the benefits of reduced heat and glare and enhanced looks every time you operate the car.

Best Window Tint for a Tesla Model S

If you are trying to select the best window tint for a Tesla Model S, we recommend you let us be a part of the process. We can help you learn about all sorts of different Tesla window tinting options and show you not only how the films look but even how they perform. We use a heat demo to show the warmth reduction properties of various window films and we can display various tint options so you can appreciate the privacy they offer and the aesthetic they create. We will also offer a thorough explanation of the percentage of solar heat and UV light each film rejects as well as the VLT (visible light transmission) rating for the various options. We stock many brands of top quality window tint including options from the Llumar FormulaOne series and the Huper Optik Ceramic Series that are backed by lifetime warranties (warranties that even transfer with the title should you sell your car) so you can guarantee that when you get the best window tint for a Tesla Model S, you’re getting tinting that will last indefinitely and remain in great condition.

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