Window Tinting for Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is one of the most unique, attractive production vehicles on the road today, and its powerful all electric motor makes this full sized vehicle the perfect choice for the eco-conscious family. From its gull wing rear doors to its sleek, sloped hood, the car is a genuine feat of design excellence. One of the most unique things about the Tesla Model X is the large glass windshield that curves up over the heads of the passengers, becoming part of the roof and offering an unparalleled view to the scenery around the vehicle. That large front panel together with the rear windshield and side windows mean the Tesla Model X has more space through which the driver and rider can enjoy the view than in just about any other car save for a convertible. But all that glass also allows in much more sunlight than is found in cars with a more standard design. And a surplus of sunlight means more interior heat, faded upholstery, and exposure to dangerous UV rays.
If you own a Tesla Model X, don’t count on the basic factory tint. For the best driving experience — meaning the most pleasant, the safest, and the most energy and cost efficient drive — get window tint for a Tesla Model X that can reject and redirect solar energy, keeping your car cooler and better protected against the sun.

Ceramic Window Tint for Tesla Model X

We routinely install ceramic window film for Tesla Model X vehicles for two major reasons: First, ceramic window tint is incredibly effective at blocking out unwanted solar rays. Second, with a car as well made as a Tesla Model X, you need a window tint that you can count on to last for years. And the various window films we source, including Llumar FormulaOne tints and Huper Optik tints, are backed by lifetime warranties.

When you apply ceramic window tint to a Tesla Model X, you will notice the benefits immediately. From the exterior, the car will have a more refined look thanks to the shading added to the windows. And depending on the darkness of the shade you choose, the vehicle will be more private for its occupants as well. Inside the Tesla, you will notice a dramatic reduction of temperature even on hot and sunny days; this is thanks to the rejection of much of the hot infrared light that causes interior warming. You will also notice a reduced glare without any loss of optical clarity looking out through the windows. And over time, what you won’t notice is faded upholstery or a cracked and discolored dashboard. That’s thanks to the amazing ability of ceramic window tint to block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Tesla Model X Front Windshield Tint

The front windshield of the Tesla Model X measures a little over 30 square feet, making it one of the largest single panels of glass found on any production vehicle on the road today. That massive size is in fact too much for many window tint shops to handle properly, and they will either turn you away or else do a slipshod job of your Tesla window tinting by using multiple sheets of window film. We use specialized equipment, materials, and installation techniques to tint a Tesla Model X windshield using one solid piece of window film. That means no seams that will mar the look of the vehicle and that weaken the integrity of the tint job. You will feel the benefit of Tesla Model X windshield tint right away, as even with the sun overhead, the inside of the cabin will remain cool and free of harsh glare.

Model X Window Tint Cost

Getting window tint for a Tesla Model X costs a bit more than a tint job for a car with more standard windshield and window shapes, but it’s worth more, too. The price of tinting a Tesla Model X ranges from several hundred dollars all the way up past a thousand depending on the exact products you choose and on which windows you are having treated. But by reducing interior heat, Tesla window film reduces the need for AC system usage, putting less strain on the batteries and meaning less frequent charging. And by preventing damage to upholstery and hardware within the car, window tint preserves the value for resale and reduces the need for repair and restoration expenses. Come into our shop for a custom Tesla Model X window tint price quote and learn exactly what your window film installation will cost while also learning about its many benefits.

Model X Tint Recommendations

Before considering which window tint to use for a Tesla Model X, we’re glad you’re considering which window tint installer to choose. Any shop that says they can’t complete the windshields with a single piece of tint is to be avoided, as are any inferior brands of window tint. We encourage you to seek Model X tint recommendations from fellow Tesla owners, whether in person or via online auto forums. That way, when we recommend the same products you’ve heard about from them, you’ll know we’re serious about getting you the best window tint for Model X cars.

Best Window Tint for a Tesla Model X

We always tell our customers that these is no single best window tint for a Tesla Model X in general, but rather there is the best window tint for your Model X specifically. We routinely use Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle nano-ceramic window tint for Teslas and just as often use Huper Optik Ceramic Series tint for Model X vehicles, to name just two of our popular products. All of the window tint we source offers superior UV blocking ability and will reduce cabin temperatures dramatically, and none of our ceramic window tint will interfere with the signals from a phone, radio, or GPS device. The best way to choose the best tint for a Tesla is to come to our business and see the various options in person. You can select the shade and appearance you like and experience our heat demo firsthand, feeling for yourself how well window tint can reject the warmth that would otherwise make the inside of your Tesla the last place you want to be. Then you can pick the tint you want and have our trusted installers enhance the style and performance of your prized Tesla.